Q-See Security

Something seems out of place.

Uhm, it’s a secure… uhm… fan. So nobody can see you sweat. Yeah, that’s it.


It’s to circulate the air in your panic room while you monitor all your camera feeds.

In a million years I never thought I would see a company that makes DVR and security cameras, and ALSO makes a toyish fan…
Its like a plumber that also offers catering service…

No sound on the 8 channel dvr :frowning:

Any (helpful)comments/thoughts on the PTZ cam here ?

Could I connect multiple PTZ’s to a typical DVR (like those offered here)or would I need to add some sort of controller unit or other additional hardware to utilize multiple PTZ units ?

Not even close to a deal, same DVR with 700TVL /100ft night vision cameras is at “Big Orange” for $20 more and there is a big difference between 450TVL and 700TVL when it comes to being able to actually identify who/what you are seeing.


You can get a two pack of the Q-See dummy cameras at Home Depot for $25.


Is there a wireless camera version of these?

Said plumber would be smart to offer high fiber dishes.

ahhh I see what you did there!

Another good place to look are your “club” stores. I recently obtained a 1 tb 8 channel dvr with 8 900TVL cameras at costco for 399. If you want to go more premium they currently have deals on 1080p systems as well.

Sams Club - Q-See 4 Channel system is $160 with free shipping.

Thanks so much for that link! I got the much nicer set of Q-See (4 cams/500G HD) to supplement my wi-fi Wooty cameras already bought… yay.

Appreciate the camaraderie around heah!!

Yes, you can hook up lots of PTZ cameras to the same DVR, that supports them. Each camera has it’s own data address, set with dip switches (have to remove the dome to access). You need to do a little setup on the DVR side software as well (camera channel, data address…).

So, the Woot! deal is a $1.00 more than the MSRP?

Thanks for spotting the MSRP.

It should be corrected :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome. The MSRP shows $5.99 now. (I obviously had to check this before it got too late or I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight.)

Installed the PZT camera today, and pretty well impressed so far. Very good sensitivity to light, all my other cameras turn black and white, this on stayed on color for about an hour longer. Night zoom, magnifies the graininess though. Zoomed out, it still has a clearer picture.

Setup was a breeze, really didn’t have to change anything, just entered the PZT control, and started playing. Moves quick too, can track cars moving 25 Mph (guess, speed limit), have to pause and wait for people walking by. To bad it doesn’t do automatic motion tracking, or the ability to call presets with alarm inputs.