Zmodo 8-Channel Surveillance System

Scored my first bag of crap. Hopefully it’s something great! Or crap. Either way, I’m one of the lucky 559.


Well woot scored tons of cash off of us this woot off and didnt even reward us many boc. Super lame


At first I thought it said “Zombie 8-Channel Surveillance System”. It works either way.

Wondering if these 559 boc will be 4-6X better then normal since they normally sell 2k-3k boc. Here’s hoping!

Woot, you should get some fun things if they make up for the 1500-2k fewer :wink: (I got as far as the press the stupidly large button to confirm your order when the servers burned. No crap for me.)

Yeah, it’s highly likely they’ll end up with at least three times the rations possibly.

Oh well, can’t blame Woot anyways. The servers just can’t handle the load this time around. I’m speculating that the developers are ordering some new hardware for next months woot-off.

I’m not even going to bother reading the BOC thread for this month… it’s just going to make me just sad to see what everyone gets. But I wish you all the best!


Not to bad when compared to my local price at Costco for something somewhat similar. Although I would prefer this model with the variety of different camera styles.

I might not like Woot Plus, but I DO like the new Woot Plus “Sold Out” icon with the jolly roger!

It actually comes with Sharp CCD cameras this time. Good deal compare with previous Woot.

CCD vs.CMOS in video surveillance

A long time ago I bought a cable box…it can survey a lot more than 8 channels, just not at once…I’ve never seen 8 things worth watching on at the same time anyway. Overkill, anyone?

I have one of the prior models (there were several).

Mine came with 4 fixed cameras, and that’s all it can handle. This comes with 2 fixed and 2 pan/tilt ones, and can connect up to 4 more if you buy them.

Neither this one, nor mine, came with a hard drive, but it needs one for the DVR to be useful. I put one in mine and the DVR (and everything else) work great.

I also paid $50 less for mine, but the pan/tilt and extra cam capacity are well worth $50 IMHO.

Highly recommended.

I don’t think those are pan/tilt cameras, however, they are much better cameras with Sharp CCD sensor. The image will look much better than CMOS ones Woot ran before.

I pressed that bloody thing at least a dozen times. Never resulted in actually getting a Bag of Crap. I’ve been actively trying since January.

I am completely new to this, but after I found out my garage was robbed tonight, I need this.
What kind of hard drive do I buy?
Do I need to put an OS on the new hard drive? Is the hd easy to install and configure?
Any additional tips on install and/or setup would be gReAtLy appreciated!

I’ve got both a 4 camera and 8 camera version from previous Woots. Nice entry level systems once you’ve run all the wiring. If you have to run wires longer than the cables provided, you might want to try using a balun (google it) on each end with regular CAT-5 connecting them. Much easier than dealing with coax cable.

Can it backup over LAN to another computer or FTP? Or can I have another computer connect and download the video files?

It does say it has USB Backup/USB 2.0 though.

Um… I think you are misled. I do NOT believe that these are “Sharp Brand” cameras, they are “sharp color cameras” meaning they are not intentionally blurry. Marketing, not branding here…