Qomotop Oversize Adirondack Chair

Qomotop Oversize Adirondack Chair



TLDR; I was interested enough to research, decided not to buy.

Looked up polywood (poly lumber), it’s just recycled plastic, at least from the original source. I don’t really know what Qomotop is. Their Amazon store front is odd and appears to have no actual “poly lumber” products for sale to check reviews. This left me wondering “what is poly lumber made of and is Qomotop even a legitimate manufacturer?” …for about 20 seconds… then, I saw the general search results for “Foldable Adirondack Chair” turned up way better deals (in price, quality, color and style options) if bought in a pair.

This site answered all of my questions:

I believe these are constructed with solid polywood as opposed to the hollow plastic stuff. These weigh 46 lbs vs the 25 lb versions sold at Sams.

Can anyone confirm?

I’d prefer not to buy the hollow stuff.


these are made from solid polystyrene vs the HDPE (high density polyethylene) that the polywood brand uses. Has a different feel than polywood (not as slick) you might find in stores

I’ve had a set of six of these outside for over a year. They are white (since woot only had white that round) and they show some signs of yellowing, but otherwise have been comfortable and solid.

I do have a set of polywood brand chairs, but can’t speak to the UV tolerance of them yet in comparision as I’ve not had them as long. the instructions do warn of keeping them covered for best results in the sun.

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Generally speaking, polystyrene is considered the “slickest” feeling of the “poly” plastics. It is also (again generally) the “hardest” / brittlest. It is the plastic generally used for plastic tableware, as it can be made to hold a sharp edge. (It is also plastic that most scale model kits use). It should be noted that many countries & several states have BANNED the use of polystyrene, be cause it easily breaks into extremely small pieces making it most likely to be ingested by wildlife and also the most difficult to remove from the environment. Are you sure it is not polypropylene (if indeed it isn’t polyethylene) ? It doesn’t seem that polystyrene would be a good choice for outdoor furniture. Planks of as much as 12mm - ~1/2" - have been known to deform just from the heat of being left in the afternoon sun). If you are old enough to remember all the vac-u-form toys from years back, those sheets the “toy” heated were all polystyrene…

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It is stated as poly lumber (but still some debate as to what that means!). I did purchase one in brown last year and I’m very pleased with it. It is solid and heavier than prior chairs, so it hasn’t moved during storms with wind. Looks great and is comfortable, with room to move around (I’m 6’ and 190#). I bought as a trial and have been waiting to see them again, so I’m buying another now.

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anyone have these up in the northeast? Do they get hot to sit on in the summer? How do they hold up to hot and cold weather without being covered? I mean, I may mean well and want to cover them but let’s face it, I’ll probably forget and they’ll be covered in snow for a portion of the year.

Hi there. Vendor responds:

These chairs are made of solid poly lumber, so it is very chunky and will be durable for years.

What is Poly Lumber?

Poly lumber is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a plastic that is used for a wide variety of products like furniture, toys, food containers, and more. In fact, most poly lumber is made from recycled HDPE that comes from discarded water bottles and milk jugs. The plastic is melted down into a liquid and extruded into different board sizes. The poly lumber is then used just like wood to build each piece of furniture.

Poly lumber is solid, and colored throughout, so it is a heavy material that is scratch-resistant and weathers well. One of the side benefits of poly lumber that is made from recycled materials is that it keeps plastic out of the landfill, giving them new life as a piece of furniture or other consumer good. It is more expensive than injection molded plastic furniture, both because it is more durable and not made using mass production.

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Costco has a very similar Adirondack chair in my local store for $139.99 (it’s 159.99 online). I feel much more comfortable with burning it at Costco for $15 more because I know that if I do have a problem, I can return it. Also, stuff from Costco generally is of good quality.

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I got two white ones a few months ago here on Woot for our rental property. They are very heavy and sturdy - what I need to handle larger people and to discourage them moving them to other locations. They are comfy. I pressure washed them last week and they whitened right back up.

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I ordered three of these and two of them arrived broken. The material inside the hard outer shell looks like styrofoam packing material. I’ll never buy something like this from Woot again. Return policy fails.

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What did Woot customer service say? I have always found them to be over-the-top good in these situations

Hi there. Checked in with customer service. They asked for photos which you provided. Thank you.

They’ll get back to you pretty soon.