Quik Chair Camping Chairs (Set of 2)

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Quik Chair Camping Chairs (Set of 2)
Price: $19.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Oct 14 to Monday, Oct 17) + transit
Condition: New


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Shi**y reviews on amazon

4.5 Stars over at Walmart

Just in time for winter!

How long is it the warranty ?

I see good reviews on home depot and Walmart and Amazon even though someone before said Amazon’s was bad? One chair on most of those sites is the same price or more than 2 here. Therefore I consider this a hell of a good deal. This shall be my first x-mas present. Maybe even for myself:)

I don’t see what makes these chairs any better quality than the $10 chairs you can buy all season long at various stores. Yawn. Pass.

Infinitely better than the 10 buck chairs. Capacity, build quality, design are all much more superior.

Many reviews on Amazon saying that they rip within days of use. Lots of photos all with the same rip points from many different users. Won’t buy.


A) the strongest well-built frame does very little if the seat fabric has unusually high likelihood of ripping.
B) 31% of 1,218 reviews on Amazon giving 2 or fewer stars? If I did still choose to take my chances with the chairs, for any reason, it would be with a local box store to which I could easily return the item, in the event.

I’m a frequent Woot’r, and this one caught my eye, but yeah…I’ll pass.

I have one of these chairs. I am an outdoors guy, very rough on my gear and I use it a lot . I’m also a big dude. I’ve had this chair for a full year, so a full season of camping in all conditions and all environments.
A year in with all the factors above I can say that at 10 bucks each this is an excellent value! It’s hard to find a decent quality durable camp chair for under 20 bucks. It’s lasted longer than a Coleman and ozark trail from Wally World.
The good: fairly durable-it has some stains and there are a few heavy wear points on the chair where the frame is starting to wear through but the fabric and frame are heavy duty. One of the back posts now slides out of the pocket too so you have to fix it when you open it or I guess glue it.The frame is super heavy duty. I have drunkenly flopped my large self on it many times. No tipping or breaking.
The bad-heavy: the durability makes is thing suck to carry, too small cup holders: just barley fits a can of beer or soda but if you have a coozie on it or a bigger drink forget it. That’s actually my biggest complaint.
I expect I’ll get another full season out of it, maybe one more after that if those fabric wear points to rip through (so far they are holding up well). That’s pretty good.
I’ll be buying more today for the price. It’s a good buy at this price!

Hi there welcome to WOOT. Our warranties are listed at the bottom of the features. This one is a 90 day WOOT warranty.

500# capacity. Those cheap chairs are are 225#. HUGE Difference in material quality.

And regarding the reviews my $40 Coleman Max chairs with a 350# capacity ripped out after less than 10 weekend camping trips. (And we weigh 250# and 300#) If these last 3 weekends i’m money ahead over what I thought were top of the line chairs.

Well hey…my two chairs showed up already this morning. These are much nicer than the Colemans I bought 15 years ago, which had all the plastic bits rot out.