Rachio 2nd Generation Smart Sprinkler Controllers

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Rachio 2nd Generation Smart Sprinkler Controllers
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Have the 16 zone & love it. One of the best additions to my home automation I’ve made. Super easy to install and get set up.

I have this as well and it is a great purchase. It not only will adjust your watering schedule automatically, it tells you how many gallons you saved.

Since I installed it this summer, it has saved me over 4000 gallons of water.

Is this easy enough to install for the ‘average Joe’? I’d be replacing an existing Rain Bird controller

Does anyone know how much infrastructure the rest of the sprinkler system would cost to utilize this? I dont have installed ground sprinklers at the moment and wonder if its even worth getting knowing the additional installation since I have a smaller lawn/garden.

So, I know typical “sprinkler install” in Nebraska for a 1/4 acre lot is about 2K… only about $100 of that is for the sprinkler controller so I would assume unless you’re doing the work yourself that you’re still going to be in for another $1900 or so.

This is really easy to install and use and if there are any questions their support is excellent.

We have around a 20 something sprinkler system, controls mounted on the wall. Could this be adapted and used?

Not sure what you mean by 20 something… typically you’d have 20-40 sprinkler heads, but only 5-8 zones. if you have 5-8 zones, this would work perfectly. if you have 20 zones well, thats a monster lawn!

I too will vouch for this being awesome. I bought it last time I saw it on Woot. If you have a basic non-wifi controller for your irrigation system, do yourself a favor - buy this and replace your existing controller. It really does simplify life.

A must have if your water is running through a meter unless you do not care about spending too much money. This systems really stands out if you take advantage of its ability to read local weather data and adjust for rain fall and temp/humidity. Up and running for more than a year and could not be happier. Have saved the cost many times over by better managing my water usage. Highly recommended.

I am not sure about Rain Bird, but I installed a Gen 1 Rachio a year or so ago and it was a direct wire for wire swap with my old Toro sprinkler controller. Took longer to sync to Wifi (the Gen1 models were much more difficult) than it did to wire up the controller. Just make sure to label each wire as you disconnect them for easy rewiring to the like inputs on the new controller.

So we have a 20+ year old, 9 zone underground sprinkler system. The “controller” box recently stopped working on the automatic setting. It still works manually. I’m sure this is the dumb question but would this Rachio Smart Sprinkler replace my old “controller box”? Or does the Smart Sprinkler need to work in tandem with a “main control box”? TIA for any guidance.

Just want to chime in on the awesomeness of these. I have a 1st gen one and its super easy to install and saved me a ton of money this summer by automagically skipping watering days when it has or is going to rain. Also the system will adjust based on drought conditions the amount of watering it needs to do.

The only problem I had during installation is my previous “dumb” unit did not have the open/close valve wire connected (not sure how it was doing it) but once I found the wire tucked back into the sheathing and connected I was good to go. This thing is worth every penny and if I didnt already have the Gen 1 I would buy the hell out of this.

If its like most systems there was only one controller (usually in your garage) and this replaces that. It doesnt require another “main” controller to function. I have a 10yr old 6 zone system that I swapped out the controller for this.

Is it worth upgrading from their 1st generation controller to the newer 2nd generation?

I replaced a Rain Bird controller with this and it was very simple. Took about 15 minutes. My only glitch was the valve control wire was not connected to the rain bird for some reason and the Rachio wasnt able to open the valve without that connection. Otherwise this would have been a 5 minute swap.

I dont know. I have a 1st gen and Id have to see what features are new first. I can tell you the 1st Gen is a glorified pain the A$$ for WiFI sync lol.