Rachio 2nd Generation Smart Sprinkler Controllers

Will this lose all of it’s setting in the event of a power outage?

I have 24 zones. I assume this wont work me? Is that true?

Nope. Settings are controlled via the app. Manual controls on the unit under the front cover. Bought one of these a couple months ago and love it. Easy install and app/functionality/control are amazing.

Yes, you need one. :slight_smile:

Cons of this unit: 1) cheap plastic spring loaded connectors that hold wires can break during installation – these damaged units are often sold on ebay at steep discount for this reason. 2) unit relies on proprietary cloud, so if company ever goes out of business, so does your unit. 3) no screen or graphics on outside of unit. RainMachine Touch HD-12 solves for all of these problems – superior metal screw connectors, relies on your own wifi to operate and has a beautiful touch screen interface (as well as iphone, ipad, android, PC interface). Buy on Lowes.com with gift cards (search on cardbear.com) plus ebay coupon and when on sale and can save up to 40% off retail.

I think it’s a user preference. I replaced my rain-bird (screw lugs) with a gen 1 unit. I had 3 stripped screws and ended up having to piggy back those sprinkler heads for a year till I replaced it with a a Rachio. Other then having a manual run on the Gen 2, the Gen 1 Rachio does the same thing and is much cheaper. I never had an issue with the spring loaded connections. Pushed in the wires once and BAM!, connected.

I second that. I unplug my unit in the fall. Plug it back up in April. Doesn’t loose anything. I log into my account to De-activate and re-activate and it keeps all my settings, pictures, etc. I set mine up with it’s OWN network connection to keep it off my main network and isolate it from the rest of my intranet connection. I get a daily report showing every time it sends/receive data.

Good to know those details. Question though: why isolate the Rachio from the rest of your network?

After a pair of Bidets, this is the best woot I ever made.
I cannot stress this enough…if you are using a Hunter or similar dial-type irrigation controller, you NEED this unit.
Every season I spent over an hour reprogramming my hunter system…schedules with zone numbers and schedule letters, it was the least intuitive piece of tech I’ve ever owned.
Once I got my Rachio(v1) connected, it took/takes 15 minutes to program all the zones. I can manually run from my phone from anywhere I have internet connectivity. It really is a fantastic, intelligent, tool. (Every version after My v1.0 solved the initialization issue, still much easier than any hunter system).

I see they have a webapp but does anyone know if I can do the initial setup using that? Or is this yet another device maker forcing you to use a specific phone/app? As if the additional 5 minutes of development time is not their problem.

If so I will pass.

Some things do not belong on the web. This is one of them. Avoid.

I think the mobile app is needed for the inital setup but not afterward.

According to their website:
“iOS 9.0+ and Android 4.0+. Web also available on most browsers.
Mobile app is required to connect the controller to Wi-Fi.”

You do need the app just to set up the wifi, but after that you can do all the programming and even manually start it using a PC and logging on to there web site. The phone app is very easy to use and comes in handy, but isn’t needed other than the initial wifi setup.

Absolutely love this product. So easy to install (no problem with screws). Interface user friendly. Love how it connects to a weather stations - that’s why it needs to be on the web. Saved me so much money on my water bill and lawn looked great all season. Highly recommend.

Said the guy who works for the competition. This is a great product. I have a first-gen one, and so does my dad. Not a single issue.

I agree. I’ve had it since early summer. I love how it adjust the watering as the temps get hotter or cooler. Doesn’t water if it’s rained. Super easy to set up.

You can drive yourself crazy trying to weigh everyone’s opinions, the details of this vs. another system, etc. or you can just buy it, secure in the knowledge that it will work.

There may be a better alternative out there for you but you’ll never be in a position to judge until you’ve had something like this for awhile. It’s kind of like buying your first laptop or smartphone, you really won’t know what’s best for you until you’ve owned at least one. Realistically, most of us will be happy with the first one as long as it’s a mainstream, quality product, which this is.

And, yes, there will be a better controller available next year, and the year after, and the year after…, but do you want to wait forever?

I bought one the last time Woot had them and it’s worked well at a reasonable price. I bought the 16 zone unit and replaced two conventional controllers.

Just finished my first season with the 8 zone Rachio 2nd Gen. Android. I’m a lawn guy so this was a must have so I could track add-hoc watering during the hot days of summer. Everything from customer service, set up, install and daily use was super easy. I purchased the same model here on woot late last winter and this is a real $teal deal!

I bought one last woot and use it to control my drip line irrigation. Flawless from start to finish.

I’ve got a non-smart sprinkler controller.
Can I swap that out for this one?