Rachio 2nd Generation Smart Sprinkler Controllers

Will this work with my current rain sensor or does that not matter anymore(or needed)?

The system I have is a manual dial system and I have 13 zones with a mixture of drip/pop up/rotary/bubblers

I had a remote wireless rain sensor who’s receiver was wired into my old hunter controller. This sensor wired into my rachio and works perfectly.

Yep! The Rachio Smart Sprinkler controller replaces any 24VAC output sprinkler timer. If in doubt, check out our compatibility tool. Hope this helps!

Great questions! We support most wired and wireless rain sensors. For details, please review this support article.

Regarding IF you need a rain sensor, that is a good question to double check with your local water utility as some area require them by code. The Rachio app uses weather forecasts to predictively skip
waterings BEFORE it rains; whereas a rain sensor will only interrupt the common wire (disable watering) AFTER it has rained.

For more info on rain sensors and scheduling, please visit our online community of users.

Hope this helps!

Rachio will work for you! You can install an 8 and 16 zone controller and connect them to one account in the Rachio app. Here’s a good Rachio community post on the topic.

Hope this helps!

Another satisfied customer here, I bought one back in April from Woot. Installation took about 15 minutes (replaced a Rainbird - had to mount the external weatherproof box, and then just transfer over all the wires).

Setting up the app was weird, it seems to not want to work with my phone (Samsung Galaxy S5) right away, I figured out that I had to move about 10-20 feet away for it to work, still don’t know why.

Setting up zones/soil/grass was fairly straightforward.

It’s been awesome, I manually skip days if I think it’s going to rain (it does skip based on weather forecasts, but I still do that through the app myself, and I don’t have a sensor installed yet), and it was great to have last month when I was putting in a few patches of grass and was away for the weekend - I didn’t have to bother my wife to turn on the sprinklers, I just did it.

Highly recommended.


I bought this last spring and really like it. I had an issue initially getting it to sync with my WiFi but then looking through the troubleshooting faq I saw that it only works with the 2.4 Ghz band. After I switched it to that band everything was golden. I planted a new front lawn from seed and this worked great for that. On hot days I could run the system at work for an extra watering and my lawn turned out great. Highly recommend!

I’m a very satisfied customer of the Rachio. Replaced one of those horrificly difficult to use controllers with this unit. The installation took fifteen minutes, I love how easy it is to program on the app, and I have significantly cut our water usage. I am an evangelist now - I recommend it to everybody.

grass is overrated

Does the unit have a hard wire ethernet connector?

It’s great when technology can make one’s life simpler. This is one of those devices. You can have my TV, but not my Rachio - love it!!!

No, it’s wireless and will connect via Wi-Fi - that is, your home router.

My old style rotary dial controller is mounted on the wall in the back of the house (west facing) so it looks like I can’t mount this in the same place. I am not able to move this without a lot of difficulty so I’m think I’m screwed. I really don’t want another big enclosure on the back of the house. They show the unit mounted on an outside wall but then say in the specs that it can’t be. I’m confused.

Rachio 2nd Generation Smart Sprinkler Controller Quick Start Guide
I’m always skeptical when people tell me it’s so easy to install. Amazon wants $185.99 for expert installation.
I’m not saying its a problem to install I’m just sayin’…well, I don’t know what I’m sayin’ cause I’ve never messed with a sprinkler install and I just use the ridiculously hard to program one that came with my house.

You probably need a Rachio Outdoor Enclosure for 2nd Generation Sprinkler Controller 6.5" X 5" X 11.25" $28.22 on Amazon.

I was able to do it and I’m not a handy person at all. The only weird thing I had to do is that the builder ran the wires for the controller through plastic PVC and there wasn’t enough slack for me to reach the Rachio. I cut the pipe down by 2" and installed the Rachio lower. Problem solved.

Thanks, T2. It sounds like you are handier than you think you are.
I personally am so careful (reads like anal) about things that I will probably hang wire tags on each wire and label each with the applicable location. And, the quick start guide recommends taking pictures of your current wiring set-up before taking it down to install the Rachio. I like to do that too. I’m very good a demolishing or disassembling stuff but putting it back together is another story, for me.

You shouldn’t have a problem mounting the controller outside in the same location. Check out this Outdoor Enclosure Install FAQ – if in doubt, feel free to send a photo of your current controller and wiring to support@rachio.com; we’d be happy to double check it for you and/or can find local RachioPros in your area to install the controller for you.

can this be return if not happy with it?