Random Crap

woot! just got one. It has been a while.

boom! Shirt BOC and electronics BOC. good day.

It’s been a long, long time baby - be gentle. Oh yeah.

Good job, Woot Server Monkeys.

I saw this come up in the Wootalyzer and figured I’d be too late, since the notification delay is usually long enough to mean a BOC (what’s the filter this time, I wonder) is gone.

However, not only did the page load quickly and show stock still available, I wasn’t even logged in and I was able to snag one without lag.


Done, now back to work. Congrats Woot!

Cant wait to find out what is in my bag of crap

Yessssssssss. I think it’s been like 4 years since I got one.

Woot! Me too! Completely unplanned, just happened to click on it!

Thought I was about to get my first one finally…

Kinda wish I could buy this one!

for the good of the team… it says i am still in the Chamber??


AAAAH! The stuff in your cart sold out!
You didn’t check out in time! It’s gone!

Really wanted an electronics one. So sad.

Did they suspend the 1 bag per week limit?

Dang, I’m a sad Squarryls…didn’t get the BOC, really want to get one so I can go to bed and get some rest. It would be a great b-day present to myself since my birthday is only 6 days away…getting my first BOC would be awesome!!!

antechambers again and again im been kicked out. what the heck???/

Yes! Now I can rest easy.

First BOC for me in a while. Woot!

Was probably up for all of 12 seconds… whimper whimper