Random Printed Tee 2-Pack

I just can’t quit these.

Trade unwanted randoms here

haven’t picked up a random shirt in too long so tempted to roll the dice

Go on. You know you want to.

I’ll save my money for the ones I know I like. It didn’t work out to well for me last time.

and they are a deal for sure :slight_smile:

But will I get this moment ; )

Is there a way to know which blanks these are printed on?

Actually this 2-Pack is cheaper than the original $6.66 each.

Although I’m still pissed that the St. Patrick shirts literally ended the second I pressed order. I still don’t have any of those.


I haven’t got any from here in over a year, but the one that’s new that I’ve worn so far seems like it’s a different size than the Anvil’s back then. But that one was from a different place than Honduras, so I’m not sure if that’s a factor as well.

This really is an amazing deal. Tees for $5. FREE shipping. WOOT designs. Such magic.

And for those Debbie downers out there, even if you do get a design you don’t like, you gift it. And become an instant hero to the giftee. Win win.

Alaskans and Hawaiians should be buying the crap out of these.

You are not alone, friend.
Let us travel the road to overfilled closets united in knowing that we are not alone in our need to buy cool shirts cheaply.

Rarely do I get one I will not wear. Often I get at least one that I cannot wait to wear next.
It kind of sucks.

Please gods of woot, send to me really crappy shirts so I can quit rolling the dice here! Please! I beg you!

Felt burned when I ordered the random “lunch box” offer recently. Got a lunchbox that was little more than the woot logo…seemed like woot was just getting rid of swag from a trade show or something. Anybody else had this experience or do the random offers usually have real artwork on them and I just got unlucky?

I was so mad last time… they sent me the same ones that I had bought previously. Irritating.

I don’t know about the lunchboxes, but I’ve ordered random t-shirts and hoodies before and they’re leftovers from the normal pool of artwork. I’ve had some I really like, some that are okay, and only one or two I didn’t care for and gave away.

They’re a good deal, and the surprise is fun, but generally you won’t love them quite as much as the ones you picked.

Still, I’m probably gonna order 4 right now! :smiley:

I’d be super happy with a math tee, so I hope the description is a clue. I haven’t made any Woot purchases yet, although there have been some good designs. This price is too good though, so I might have to try it!

I hope these are not going to be the same ones that I got last time on Jun 24, 2014. Those were good, but I prefer some randomness. I ended up having 3 of same shirt, 2 of another, etc.