More Random Items than You Can Shake a Stick At!


Woo! Just got back from vacation and there is a new UnStealthy and now a random sale! Woot, you are soo bad for my bank account!

My thought process:

Omg, randoms again!? Sweet!
However, I’ve been getting so many randoms, do I really need so many more?
Maybe I’ll just get one, because…
Yeah, screw it-- ABT!!!

i like random days.

yes i do!

In for three (3) more totes.

Edited to add: What’s up with the italics?

I don’t know, maybe it’s woot’s way to protest the new internet law that’s being passed?

In for 3 tees!!! Yay!

Totes out already?! D:

What’s with the zip tote being full price?

I literally just yesterday tweeted @woot begging for another random shirt sale.

Am I superpowered?


Does anyone know what the range is for the random shirts? Or is it absolutely random now that you can buy (almost) any shirt? It used to be mostly from a derby period range.

Maybe I’m dim, or just oblivious, but have there always been kids zip-ups??? My daughter was just telling me how much she wants one, as she has enough tees (as if such a thing were possible!!!)
Get em hooked young!
Thanks woot!!!

Since the older shirts are printed to order, I expect they’re still shirts since the last random sale plus whatever didn’t sell out last time.

Darn, totes gone already? That’ll teach me to go to bed on time. Ah well, I probably needed the sleep more than I needed some totes. :slight_smile:

When was the last random shirt sale? I am trying to figure out what derby range to look at for this one…

Is there any way to trade if you get a random you weren’t wanting?

No more random 3 pack? I can only fuel my random addiction 3 shirts at a time, instead of 9? Oh sad day. Except good on my checkbook.