Guess I’ll be waiting for the trade opportunities. Have a blast those of you solvent enough for the random dance.

Just in time for Memorial day weekend!

Wear the ones you love, burn the ones you don’t!

PROTIP: Buy three. It’s like a slot machine for your torso.

What’s the chance that I order this for my teenage son and he gets something pink?

These issues are important when spending the devil’s amount of money…

I’ve already burned two of my randoms.

silly rabbit, shirts are for good designs.

In for another mystery shirt.

RANDOMS??! Sa-wheet!

There has been only ONE pink woot shirt. Thanks to adder, it was printed.


The first rule of Random Shirt Day is… Always buy three.

The second rule of Random Shirt Day is… Always buy three.

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a pink Woot shirt. Some designs may be more feminine than others, I suppose, but even those are rare.

When in doubt, buy three. You’re guaranteed at least one winner.

*NOTE: not a guarantee

I still have a Tron inspired tee from my last Random if anyone wants it. It’s a men’s XL of Ancestry. Edit: In its original folded baggie, listed on TeeTrade. Never worn.

Tempting, but I’ve got no money for the shirt.woot slots this time around.

For those of you who can afford it, pull the trigger on three. The last two times I’ve done a random shirt day I’ve only been able to afford two shirts. One was the ever awesome, “The Cake is a Liar” the other…well, I didn’t care too much for it.

Sage advice: Buy three!

This would have been better on 5/21, but seeing how that failed, this is a winner.

Wooooo, randoms! My last set of three was pretty damn awesome so I expect these to really suck for me… but I can use a coupon! So tempting.

Used coupon, bought three. I’m crossing my fingers that my luck continues.

He’s referring, I think, to the woot exclimation point limited edition pink tee. They are out there. This is not consipiracy, it is fact.

finally, was hoping for a random bonanza so i could use the coupon from the march random shirt.woot trifecta. with this purchase, woot’s pushed me to 47 shirts.

Do we know what the cut off date is for these shirts? I’m in for three but I’d like to see what I could be getting.

Should I go up or down a size or are they fitted well?