Random Shirt

come on random shirts!!! When will the sale start up?

Sweet! Random Shirts…

I Desperately want a Pterodactyl With a Machine Gun. (fingers crossed)

If anyone get a XXL… Please trade / Sell to me.

Edit: If anyone is willing to contact me before the sales go up… you’d be saving me some money. :slight_smile:

random shirts! you can take down fashionista now

I’m so excited, this is my first Random Shirt sale so I’m in for 3!

sweeet :slight_smile: in for two.

Ah, this will bring me to 6 random shirts and 2 others

In your dreams bud!

Bought 3…

Even paid the extra for shipping…

C’mon Lady Luck… Daddy needs a Pterodactyl(With a machine gun) shirt!

I know! What you got a XXL? Or just the whole “before the random sales start?”

Gotta love the $6.66 pricing. The pricing of the beast! All hail the end of days!

hmm…on the day I have meetings all morning long, I missed out on all the commotion.

not sure about the dread of randoms…


Figured this was coming. I got my 3. X-mas gifts and all…

K what happened to the other shirt?

Nevermind…I just read the old thread.

Praying for a fat unicorn shirt (coughhintcough)


I want a blurry question mark shirt! If woot sold a blurry question mark shirt, I’d really buy it!!!

(every random sale needs this quote. Feel free to repeat as necessary…)

If you get three will they be three different shirts?

Looks like it may not have been completely original work…

Since when did random shirts start in the middle of the day?

I’m in for 3.

Here is a link to the numerous fails of the previous shirt (vectors, basically).


scroll about half way down

"Intellectual property law is as complex and complicated as a blurry question mark . . . "

No it’s not. I like IP. Send the IP stuff my way - I’d work for woot.shirts! Then all you’d have to do is worry about the blurry question mark.