Random Shirt

cool! woot history!!

Um, …random?

Ehh … for the price they make cheap presents. In for 3

Wow, wonder what happened… <shakes dice and throws down for 3> Cmon wookie cookie!!!

Perhaps the previous shirt wasn’t selling well ?


YAY, in for 3! wootalyzer ftw!

1st random shirt.woot!
I’m in for 2. :smiley:

Sad isn’t it? :frowning:

You could say that.

Thanks, woot, for handling this one the way it should have been handled, finally. I just hope that other shirt won’t be showing up in randoms. But, on the other hand, there are some really, really awful holiday shirts that have come down the line in the past few weeks… I hope these randoms aren’t entirely comprised of those.

Speed to first woot: 12h 38m 18.093s

It didn’t really strike me as a winner…

Nice, this will be my second random shirt trio in a few weeks.

Whoa, a first-posting black boxer!

Or, a black boxed first poster!

It wasn’t, it was copywright infringement so they took the other shirt down.

And my 4th 5th and 6th random shirts in 2.5 weeks.

OH really? Interesting.

first randoms for me
in for three

In for 3

I love getting these in the mail and admiring the randomness!

My first shirt.woot experience! In for 3! Wish me luckkk!

I got three shirts in the last grab bag, and one of them I’m going to give to a friend. One was Mario related and the other lets people know I’m stalking them…

I wonder if I’ll get so lucky in this next pull.