Ray-Ban Sunglasses (Men's & Women's)

Ray-Ban’s a pretty classic brand. But mostly I shy away from pricy sunglasses because I’m always losing mine.

How do you keep track of your sunglasses? Which of these are you eyeing to keep out the bright sun?

I would be all over this if they were polorized …

I’ve never paid much for sunglasses. What makes Ray-Ban 20 times better than these: http://www.amazon.com/Silver-Mirrored-Aviator-Microfiber-Sunglasses/dp/B000E73S4Y

The most I’ve paid for sunglasses is like $20.

I keep mine on a clip in my car. It’s a very very rare occasion that I am out in the sun and didn’t drive there. This has allowed me to keep a pair of sunglasses for much longer than I ever have before, inspiring confidence that i can finally buy a decent pair. I am sort of eyeing the wayfarers. Classic Ray-Ban style… except that i need perscription lenses.

I was going to say the same thing, but now I am just going to say this…

For one thing, probably craftsmanship. Sunglasses designs are pretty easily and successfully knocked-off. But if it weren’t for that, the designs themselves would be what sets these apart. As it is, only the brand logo is the only indication that you are wearing actual designer sunglasses.

I used to do the same thing … always buy cheap because I am bound to lose or break them.

BUT I got a pair of New Wayfarer polarized and I found I want to take care of them because of the pretty penny I paid. The price made me more conscious of how I treated them

I don’t know about this…I’m Ray Ban obsessive and this is hardly what I would consider a “deal”… I got 2 pairs of aviators for $65 from eBay Daily deals (Gold and Gunmetal)… and the Wayfarers are only $5 cheaper than most Discounted prices you see on the internet.

Knock another 15-20% and I’d be interested…otherwise = expensive.

To paraphrase the great Mitch Hedberg: I bought expensive sunglasses because I always lose my sunglasses and got sick of not caring.

Not polarized? No thanks.

The last/only pair of Ray-Bans I had were polarized Cats. Great glasses. The best and worst thing about them was the glass lenses. I never had to worry about scratches but I did worry about shattered lenses (motorcycling). After having them for about 20 years I dropped them one day and the frame broke between the lenses. I glued it but decided it was time for a new pair. I got some Smith Trace glasses with interchangeable lenses. Not glass but very good eyewear.

The ones I linked are pretty crappy quality. So are the Ray-Bans made really well? For $80, I would want something that would almost never break. I just don’t see how the quality could be 20 times better to match the difference in price. I don’t care about the brand name.

I used to buy $200 Gargoyle sunglasses. Then I bent them up and they were never comfortable again. I can’t help but look back and think, “What was I thinking???”

Now I go to Wal-Mart, buy $10-$20 sunglasses, and if I lose or break them, I have no regrets.

Offer these fancy sunglasses for $30 and I’d give them a shot. At $85, no way.

Stopped losing my sunglasses when I bought a $140 pair of Oakley’s. I’ve had them for five years and they are great (polarized unlike these Ray-Bans). Because I paid a good amount for them, I took care of them and was always conscious of where I put them.

The rest of my comment also applies. The design. Ray-Bans cost a lot because they design sunglasses. Those cheap ones are made by a company that does not really come up with original designs and instead copy the designs of other companies.

Ray Ban emplpoys dozens (maybe more) designers who are constantly designing new and unique sunglasses. Other companies knock-off those designs, allowing them to develop sunglasses at a fraction of the cost (because the hard part was done for them.) Then they build them with crappier materials with lower quality standards, saving even more money. Are they 1/20th the quality of the Ray-Bans? Probably not. Did they spend 1/20th of the money developing them? Probably less.

You are wise.

They will bend and break just like any sunglasses.

The #1 thing I noticed when buying nice Oakeys was that they tended to be very light.

Ray Bans were heavy. Gargoyles were also a bit heavy, but they felt nice on my face.

Of course they’re all very clear to look through. The difference was not worth anywhere near the price, though. Now I buy cheap sunglasses.

cheaper on amazon, you can get them for around 60

Rayban constructions are very good and solid. A fluke event, one of the rubber pieces slipped off an ear stem and even the ends are rounded and polished metal. I pulled the rubber piece off a cheap knock-off pair and the ends looked like they were cut with shears leaving a sharp uneven ending. You wouldn’t know about it but it’s indicative to the attention to detail.

Really? Would you like to put a link where your comment is?