Ray-Ban Icons: Wayfarers & Aviators

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Check out some additional info on the Classic Aviator and New Wayfarer

Before buying any sunglasses you should watch this 60 Minutes report on the company that makes them. Ray-Ban, Oakley, Chanel, Coach, and prada sun glasses, just to name a few, are all made in the exact same factory with the same materials and man power by one company in Italy, Luxottica. They artifially control pricing on all of these brands. Stay away

And this is the list of brands of glasses that are made by Luxottica.

Do we know what the lenses are for the New Wayfarer Matte Black sunglasses are? The picture is for grey/blue gradient and I was wondering if this is the case…

I pinged our buyer to confirm.

Thanks for posting that 60 Minutes link, i knew Luxottica had dominance in the market but I hadn’t realized that it was to such a degree.

*Before buying any sunglasses you should watch this 60 Minutes report on the company that makes them. Ray-Ban, Oakley, Chanel, Coach, and prada sun glasses, just to name a few, are all made in the exact same factory with the same materials and man power by one company in Italy, Luxottica. They artifially control pricing on all of these brands. Stay away

The brands would not likely cut their prices much (if at all) if the manufacturing market were more competitive (prices are deliberately kept high to ensure exclusivity). It just means that Luxottica extracts a greater share of the price. I’m not going to shed any crocodile tears for the designers.

I don’t care about the designers at all, what I don’t like about their operation is that they single-handedly control the market prices. It’s the consumers that are getting fucked.

“Today, Luxottica has cut out the middle man. It controls the whole operation. Not only is it making the glasses it but it’s also selling them directly through Sunglasses Hut, Lenscrafters, Pearle Vision–all are owned by Luxottica.” - Forbes

Luxottica owns the two largest eye glasses retailers in the nation, several boutique chains, they run Target Optical, Sears Optical, and they even own SunGlass Hut, which is the largets sun glass chain in the world. If a company has a tiff with Luxotica, they have almost no way of getting to market through a retail outlet and will get destroyed, which is exactly what happened to Oakley. Once their stock prices plummeted from being removed from all but the smallest chains and retailers, Oakley was purchased by Luxottica and added to the monopoly.

I have little sympathy for companies or corporate machines, whichever side of the spectrum they are on, but what Luxottica does is just bad for consumers.

They are just sunglasses. Not bread or medicine. Get a different brand. Like one of the ones made by Safilo Group.

If you really want to be upset, look up all the brands of watches made by Swatch Group. Not only that, but they own the company that makes the watch guts (ETA) in most Swiss watches, of which they have restricted sales to independent watchmakers, forcing them out of business…

Or look at the brands owned by LVMH, Richemont, and Kering…

Amazing sunglasses at a great price, I don’t care if Santas elves make these, they are doing it right. I love the lenses and they fit perfect.

Sometimes you can’t fight the monopoly alone but I don’t buy Luxottica eyeglasses. I almost always buy from 39dollarglasses.com since they are Made in America but I’ve heard good things about ZenniOptical as well.

Stay tuned, prelim reports are in that Santa is penning an outsourcing agreement w/China. Tiny mass protests are expected to follow…

The eternal question is: who cares?

“Oh no! Someone buys raw products, creates new things and sells them for way more than they cost to make!!!” That’s how jobs are created, how people make money and how business works.

These are sunglasses. They’re way expensive because they have a brand name on them that is associated with high price. People who wear them are making a statement - “I have nothing better to do with this $85 then spend it on sunglasses.”

Personally, I buy my sunglasses at Target. I’ve bought expensive ones in the past - Oakley, Ray-Ban, Bollo, etc and I lost them all. It’s a lot easier to accept losing a $15-20 pair of shades than $120. If I didn’t lose them, I broke them.

Some people probably take better care of their sunglasses than I do. Some people think that it’s impressive to wear designer sunglasses. Can’t stop people from having opinions. I have shirts that cost way more than the norm and I’ve eaten at 3 Michelin star restaurants so I can’t say I spend my money wisely all of the time.

Reward yourself however you want. And quit caring about how many companies are in the game. If it were profitable there would be more. These brands sold to Luxotica for a reason.

So you almost always buy from a company because they’re Made in America (like Oakley), but you hear good things about the absolute bottom-priced Chinese company?

There are some serious misunderstandings in this thread, sadly, that always come up:
[]Zenni is the absolute bottom-level company. Never, ever buy Zenni, unless you wear glasses only in the house while getting ready for work. Their frames are very cheap, brittle plastic with no ergonomics in the design, so you really feel them. The lenses are low grade Chinese lenses, not fit for sale in the US (but they’re not a US company, so…) They also use plastic lenses, so the UV protection they have is either a vacuum application or a lacquer, cheaply done, and going to rub off the first time you clean them (CR39 plastic has no inherent UV protection, unlike polycarbonate.) Seriously, avoid at all costs
]39dollareyeglasses uses Chinese made frames
[]60 Minutes was extremely naïve in their report. One incredibly stupid question was “if you own the entire supply chain, why aren’t the frames cheaper in your stores?” Wow, Leslie, wow. So, you complain that they’re anticompetitive, but then complain that they don’t charge a lower rate in their own stores than their competitors could match? You’re asking them why they’re not more anticompetitive!
]The fashion industry, in general, is one of high margins (I think Lux’s overall operating margin is 10%, they’re a public company so you can find it easily.) That’s what makes things exclusive and desirable. Do you think a pair of Levi’s, even, costs $50 to make? No, Levi’s just marks up $5 jeans 10x. Luxottica has about the same markup. Those glass lenses alone cost about $12-$15 to make. Think about that next time you buy a pair of sunglasses cheaper to buy than RayBan lenses are to make
[]To that point, most of these licensing agreements dictate prices. Many brands, like Ferragamo, have switched manufacturers several times, but prices remained the same. Why? Because Ferragamo will only sign licenses that dictate certain pricing. Ferragamo, or Coach, or Burberry, or even moreso Chanel, really don’t want to be associated with cheap goods. They want to be associated with high quality and high prices
] The Oakley acquisition isn’t nearly as acrimonious as people claim. It was, what, 10 years ago? Yet the CEO of Oakley at the time is still CEO of Oakley now, and only one Italian sits as an executive there (CFO.) If they screwed Oakley, why would all of Oakley’s management have remained in place, and remained for a decade?
[*] Regardless of what you think of Luxottica and what you learned about them from a pretty slanted report from a TV news magazine desperate for ratings, just do yourself a favor and never pay under $50 for sunglasses. That’s about the inflection point where you go from cheap crap with terrible protection that easily scratches and is poorly designed to stuff that has some longevity, some recent technology, and better quality protection (as in, UV protection that doesn’t wipe or scratch off)

Cheese I appreciate everything you’ve said. I agree that people pay what they want to pay and a little excess is a part of American life.

However, I do not agree with the profitable part of your post. The whole point is that other eyewear companies can’t compete with Luxottica due to them owning basically everything. They set the prices almost everywhere and if other companies don’t follow along they will probably get shutout.

The practice reminds me of OPEC and their control of oil prices globally.

If you only bought products that didn’t have markups because, what would you buy? Obviously some products have higher markups than others. If you buy a t-shirt at Target or Walmart from some crummy brand, you may pay less, but that product probably cost even less to make.

I’ve bought crummy cheap $15 sunglasses in the past and if I don’t break them, they’ll scratch or turn to crap pretty quickly. You know why? they are poorly made.

Ray-bans may cost much less than the price to make, but they last, they are of a higher quality, and if you take care of them, they will last years.

Yup, the matte black has a really cool grey/blue gradient lens.

A question-

Anyone know of a ‘sunglasses retailer’(or company) that is consistently forthcoming -informative re: size?

This woot!/Ray-Ban page is a-okay with specs given for all variations of the ones they are selling this time:

Lens: Glass
Eye Size: 58 mm
Bridge Size: 14 mm
Temple Size: 135 mm

but when shopping online, it has been very difficult to find ‘search by size’ as an option with any consistency, or a site that offers ‘small frames’ as an option to focus your search results OR- edited blah-blah.

Do you know of any sites with easy to find & grasp guide on how-to measure lens size/temple etc-- insert here my typical too many examples and tedious⋆overlytypings.

SAY! …if anyone actually reads this? I apologize for my weirdobad mumblyjumble splartch’t messmop of a brain.