Raymond Weil Men's Black Leather Watch




This is a hard one to resist. The only thing holding me back is that my old eyes would have a hard time reading the dial. I have been looking for a nice rectangular automatic swiss watch. I am afraid the dial(s) is just to small.


Does anyone have any info on the Cal. RW2200 movement?
I keep seeing it described on other sites as having aco-axial escapement, but am unable to find much else, not even some better close-up pics. I would assume it is an ETA 2892 with a couple jewels added for the escapement, but I don’t think RW is in the swatch group, so I doubt they’d be able to procure a licence for Omega’s Daniels design.


The base calibre is an ETA 2671. Nowhere can I find any information about Raymond Weil using a co-axial escapement. As you alluded to, I’m sure Omega has not given permission or sold rights to RW to use the co-axial.


How does this compare to an omega? i mean, is this even in the same territory? It is a nice looking watch at a very nice price. but i have heard some things about this watch that almost make me feel like it is invicta. i mean, is this worth it? is it better to just get a 1200 dollar gucci? is this just a fashion watch?


Raymond Weil makes very good quality watched. much better than gucci. i would put their quality above Tag Heuer. I am not a fan of the looks of this watch, but i was very excited when i saw the title of the deal. if you like the look of this watch and can afford to drop the cash it would be a wise choice.


Anyone care to chime in and corroborate jfranks’ opinion? i’m on the fence. i always thought tag was kind of a cheep watch as i see them at macy’s. are raymond weil watches really luxury watches wooters?


How did something this fantastically ugly get made out of anything but plastic and sold for $5?


As a longtime watch collector with over 30+ watches, jfranks is right on the money. Raymond Weil is a quality watch, my 800 series has a fit and finish I will put right up there with the Breitlings I own. Better than my Tag Heuer for sure…I would say finish is at about the level of Omega. Keep in mind Omega’s and Breitling’s have a typically more customized movement than a Raymond Weil, hence the great difference in prices. If my wife was not expecting, I would be all over this deal…Keep up the nice watches Woot!!!


This is like a phone, but you put it around your wrist, and the only part that works is the clock? What will they think of next?


You don’t get it, do you?

It’s about the feel. The precision. The appreciation for things mechanical. To feel the watchmakers passion with each tick.

Watches are more than for telling time, they are mechanical jewels. I have a Rolex Explorer II and I will tell you how complimentary the phrase “build like a Swiss watch” really is.

Check out a fine timepiece at your local jewelry store. You will be shocked.


why does it have 2 knobs? is one to adjust the time and the other to adjust the date? or maybe one to adjust the primary watch and the other to adjust the backup watch on top.

And the fancy battery cover in the back where you can see if the battery leaked is interesting, but I don’t see a slot to fit a coin so I can change the battery myself. Does that mean I have to bring it to the bodega to change the battery? That’s a pack of bambu I could have gotten instead.


I have small hands and wrists. Can anyone tell me how this case size would look on a person with small wrists. I don’t want something that looks ridiculously large.

Thanks Woot people.


The only thing(s) holding me back is my basic income, student loan debt and mortgage payments. Let this be a lesson to you, folks. A living testament that not all college degrees are equal. Let’s revisit this in 20 years and maybe I can buy a nice watch. Until know, I’m going to make fun of people who have purchased (suckers!) Invicta watches and dream about owning a Bernhardt Watch in green.


I second this peoples…
how large is this thing?


I just measured it out. It’s about 4 centimeters by 4 centimeters, so just shy of 2 inches by 2 inches.

I think it is an okay size.


Case size:37 mm width x 50 mm length
Case height:11.85 mm


50? the woot description says 40…


That came directly from Raymond Weil’s website :slight_smile: