Razer Arctosa Keyboard – Silver

Wow, you mean some computers don’t come with a keyboard?

I am actually using this keyboard now. it just says ASUS.

Real geeks build their own PCs.

Not to mention how horrible some of the keyboards that ship with prebuilts are.

now… before you buy, read the “refurbished”

Figured it was time to replace my Dell OEM keyboard. Not gonna lie, I hate Dell with a passion, but this OEM keyboard still looks brand spankin’ new after 11 years.

In for three! These Keyboards are GREAT!

$44 bucks at Amazon…


I have a bad feeling about this one.

For those who have Androids, what Woot app do you recommend?

How is the keyboard?

Does this keyboard come with the F5 key still attached?

fully programmable keys sounds fun. could probably change your A key to a V key and annoy the hell out of someone.

These are terrible. I own one and it sits in a corner so I can show people how cool I am. “Look at me,” I say. “Look at my wicked keyboard.” Tap the same key a few times and see what happens. IT STICKS! Bad for gamers. Avoid.



lol, yeah i’m wearing mine out too

Please more LED flashlights or carrots or …

Your mileage may vary…
In for three! These Keyboards are GREAT!

when are they going to post a good deal on a 32" tv
that’s what i’m hoping for.

You can never hang enough of these on your walls.