Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset

i have 10

Will these work with an Xbox 360?

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Im sorry for being dumb… but what do you use this for… Phone, comp… gaming?

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As a previous purchaser of this fine headset. Mine have worked beautifully while playing BF3 and other games of similar genre. My wife thinks I look like a dork in them. However, she does not bother me about noise anymore! Seriously a good headset for the price. They are comfortable and ear wax free, well at least mine was.

I use them for Skype and gaming, I’ve had a pair for about two years and it is the best headset I’ve ever owned. Would buy again.

I don’t have one of these, but it looks like a very fine headset. You should buy 3.

This is a great headset. I have it, and use it when gaming and using Skype. It’s comfortable and has very nice sound and the mic seems to work very well.

I can’t imagine a refurb version of this, however. I hope they replaced the soft fuzzy padding around the ears, because I wouldn’t want someone else’s sweat all over my headphones … ew.

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So is this a usb that can be used with comp…??

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I picked one of these up a couple years ago (it was on sellout.woot) and it’s a great headset. It was a refurb then as well, and I haven’t had any issues, save for the paint by the mic switch (so you can self-mute, just in case) coming off recently.

They’re comfortable, quiet (for those around you) and the mic is really clear.

If I needed another headset, I’d be all over this.

No usb on this one, it’s the 2 mic and headphone jacks (but one can get a 2 jack to usb dongle rather cheaply)

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This looks nice. Oh, wait. Of course my MacBook Air doesn’t have a mic jack. What was I thinking?

I have 10 and still appear to be missing a small piece from the top and 2-3 pieces from the bottom. I’m guessing there’s not much useful info at the top, but then I might be an idiot.