Razer Lachesis 4000dpi Laser Mouse

Do want! Cant afford!

$60 new at amazon


Review here

These things are just motoring through early on.

Fast moving wootoff…


its at least $50 elsewhere… nice Woot!

High speed woot. too fast to buy… makin coffee.

How is it for gaming? Is the Razer Salmosa better?

I bought the Razer deathadder and didn’t like the way the sides were. Was really sleek and made my hand sweat a lot.

Forgot to add that I think it’s made out of the same material… or finish or something.

I got one of these for about $90 last summer, and I promptly sold it for a cheaper Razer. The Lachesis is uncomfortable and weird to me.

Unbelievable Naught…

As 24 closes out, bring on the Woot Off

if only it wasn’t so expensive. I’m saving my money to see what comes up.

I got this mouse on an earlier Woot. I love the control at high DPI. Feels great in my hand too, but maybe it wouldn’t if you have small hands.

Please don’t put up a knife set before I go to bed

1 ms response time, this is a good mouse!

I literally just bought a new mouse today :confused: it was a Razer too, they always make awesome gaming mice!

Will this help speed up my word processing rate?

What a fast-moving Woot-off. There appeared to be fewer than 20 items in stock for the first two items.

only a turd or w.o.w. enthusiast would buy this. i suspect it will go quick (not to my doorstep though.

Lol no, your funny

It will increase your dots per inch of other mice and will be better for gamers only

This is a decent gaming mouse, at a respectable price, i would jump on one if my G5 wasn’t still ticking strong