Razer Pro v1.6 1600dpi Gaming Mouse



From this point foward, until late August, I name mandangalo my offical successor (as he is the only wooter that responded to my call). jessiebyrd004, keep doin what your doin.

One Last Time

Froogle Link $37.49 Minimum

Yahoo! Shopping Link $43.94 Minimum

Shopzilla Link $34.62 Minimum

Amazon Link $36.51

Manufacturer Page


Sweet… mine’s first, but i bet it’ll get bumped down by admin.

BizRate… from $34.62

Nextag… has crappy prices

Pricegrabber… has a lot of stores, but BizRate has the best price of my three.

here’s a link for all pointing devices on Shopzilla for Under $30… some of them are pretty hot. But today’s featured mouse is cute as well.


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Razer Pro v1.6 1600dpi Gaming Mouse
$24.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Razer Pro v1.6 1600dpi Mouse


good price.


wow, what a nice mouse, don’t need one though, nite woot
already got a whole bunch, and not THAT hardcore a gamer


Hmm…is this good?


not a bad mouse razer is a good brand… but i want a BOC


Is this a cordless mouse, the picture looks like it has a cord.


great price but already own that mouse =P

good night wooters


have too many mice


good for gamers, gotta get wireless for grandma. maybe i can get her into gaming…


Must have this by reason this great honor of being amoung the first here. Besides I need it.


seems like a good deal, but what is it made of?


wooted last night. will pass on this one.

and what’s a gaming mouse? a mouse is a mouse is a mouse, right?


Ummm…corded mouse. No thanks woot, Ill stick to my wireless mouse Nite nite.


i wonder if it has drivers for 64 bit systems???


Actually, it says it has a 7 foot cord in its features description.


Its jonathan Frisby. As in Mrs Frisby and the rats of NIMH


awesome mouse… but its white… i didn’t know razor made white gaming mice… o.0