RCA Dual Format DVD Recorder w/ DivX, HDMI and HD Upconversion




Froogle Link Minimum Price $132.71

Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $139.99

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $133.38

Amazon.com Link $166.00 via Beach Audio

Manufacturer Page (PDF)

Hmm…it looks like the posting spinning ! thing is broken!


Arr! Halloween is over… But here is some scary pricing…
SecretPrices … $146

Froogle … $137.99

PriceGrabber … $133.38

See sites for shipping + tax, etc. Good night!


worth it??? looks niece still a refurb… any thoughts.


Shopzilla… lowest price = $133

BizRate… lowest price = $133

MSN Shopping… lowest price = $133

No CNET Ratings

… those are my prices… semi useless… slim pickins on pricing engines today… also tried to find all dvrs on BizRate under $100 but only found one… best i found was Shopzilla’s DVRs Under $150… which is still more than the woot… but if you don’t like re-furbies… check it.


$132 lowest price, and goes up from there.


For the price you get what you pay for. However, no specifications as to how high the Upconvert is. Is it 480, 720 or possibly 1080, The information does not say. As to the builtin tuner, it’s ANALOG, will be useless in 2008. All HDTV signals are required to be digital.


Am I too cynical in ignoring every product by RCA now seemingly no matter what the price?


I was looking for a second one of these, but Best Buy has a -R / -RW Toshiba for $116 and then adding my Reward Zone coupon takes it down to $99.

That’s only chump-change more for a non-RCA product an a non-r-e-f-u-r-b.

Nice product tho, if I wasn’t purchasing one from Best Buy already I might jump.


Cool little unit.

You can get more info on it over at AVS forums,

Thread – New RCA DRC8052N??


Checked sites but doesn’t say…does this play subtitles (SRT or SUB) with DIVX?


That is so not Rox0rz! its a reburished model.


Plays DIVX - Noice! Good Woot. Thx guys :slight_smile:




Does it have regional encoding?


been looking for one of these but seems like they have had cheaper ones on here before…?




Does it play Xvid?

answer quick! my post will gone in a min!


Anyone know if it will upconvert video through the tuner, or just the DVD output?


I’m a teacher that is looking to record clips from Tivo’ed programs onto something much more sturdy than VHS. I need opinons. Is that the way to go?