RCA DVD Recorder with HDMI and HD Upconversion



Keeping it simple tonight…

Froogle Link Minimum Price $148


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RCA DVD Recorder with HDMI and HD Upconversion
$129.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 RCA DVD Recorder with HDMI and UpConversion DRC8060N


I’ve got one it works flawlessly.


does this record from vcrs? can i copy my vhs to dvd?


I know what linkage mr. yankee likes to put up, so i’ll keep away from his. But i’ll put up my fave comparison sites as well. Cuz mine are “useful” and “linkage” and froogle’s whack.

BizRate’s got it for $148… at 8 online stores.

Shopzilla comes close with a $148 bid… from like 12 online stores.

Nextags starting at $148 also… but they only have 7 stores… and the site gives this product a low rank (2/5).

MSN’s got it from $148 too… 13 stores.

Peep cnet and you’ll see that the experts and users both ignored this product (no ratings) but they have it for a low of $148 also… so basically every comparison has it $148 at the lowest for a new one. the store with that low price on the comparison sites is Best Buy PCs, but i never heard of them, so i trust woot instead to take my money. holler indeed.


What are HDMI and HD Upconversions. Will I need a license? Perhaps a litterbox?


It plays Divx which is great but can it also record in the Divx format…


Any price comparisons?


Why would I want a video recorder with no hard drive… ? What a waste, no wonder it’s so cheap.


Will this let you record multiple shows onto one DVD ? For example, the whole series of “Lost” week after week? (assuming of course, that they would fit. Which they won’t. But I think you get the idea.)



Be carefull - "UP CONVERTS - this is an analog unit that upconverts to 1080i or 720i. This unit is not a digital unit nor is it a true HD DVD unit. IT IS ANALOG.

Not a bad price, but be aware of what you are buying.

Not for me,

Nite Nite Wooters


Hi Price,. you can buy at Costco for $49.95


i have this exact model. it overheats and the time is always set for 13:37. its annoying.


This looks pretty good…but the price on ebay is cheaper

sorry woot, maybe next time?


CNET Reviews (only 2) aren’t impressive. Prices listed, too.


Is there a remote? I need a remote. Did anyone see a remote included?


I bought one of these. Its an RCA so I’m afraid to see the limits of its powers hehe. But the good news is I got a dvd player here at Woot for $1 dollar ;-). Find out the info at this site http://www.woot.com/Forums/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=613709


Rated TWO stars out of 5 at epinions.

I HIGHLY recommend the Samsung HD960 if you’re looking for an amazing HDMI up-converting (up to 1080p) at a great price. I believe it is the cheapest of the Faradaouji (big spelling mistake) chipped HD upscale players.


Thomson Electronics has the worst manufacturing record out there. You’d have to cut this price in half for me to buy an RCA product.

Their Bang for the Buck quickly turns into Broke for the Buck. Caveat Emptor.