RCA RP2480 Portable CD/MP3 Player


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attempt #2

with just the right timing, you can inject a post before the topic fully exists.



i like it how it takes so long for the forum to work


Brought to you by Skor Grimm

RCA RP2480 Portable CD/MP3 Player
You could play like a’finnity MP3s on that thing
$16.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
The RCA RP2480 portable CD player combines slim styling and advanced features like support for MP3 and Windows Media Audio formats, and SmartTrax navigation. It even includes MusicMatch MP3 recording software to get you started burning your own MP3 CDs with up to 10 hours of music. Up to 200 seconds of esp-Xtreme skip protection with MP3/WMA files (45 seconds for audio CDs) makes this CD player virtually skip-free in most conditions and a great choice for joggers and runners. The CD player’s SmartTrax navigation technology helps you quickly access specific songs or playlists. Using a library of computer-generated identification tags to identify digital audio files by title, artist, album, year, genre, and track number, the SmartTrax file-management system can “read” song data from your recordable CDs, letting you view song data and create playlists at the touch of a button. SmartTrax can read the song data even before the song is played. A three-line dot-matrix display shows SmartTrax data and allows 30-track/folder programmability. Other playback features include Digital Bass Boost Surround, three preset equalization settings, and a hold switch to prevent unintended interruptions in playback. The unit operates for approximately 20 hours on two AA batteries, either alkalines or rechargeables (no batteries included).

What’s in the Box:

* New, Retail CD player
* Headphones
* MusicMatch software
* User manual


i’ll pass… :?


I guess for all the people who didnt get an mp3 player.

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was that not the fastest sell out ever?


That was quick…Merciully quick after that last one…I’m glad I didn’t want this.


When will it ever end??? I’ve had 9435 cups of coffee so far and it’s still not over!? This is just cruel…


[color=darkblue:54737c5e82]She better appreciate that I am spending all my woot money on her!!![/color]


Wow. Those went fast! Onward and upward!


I can’t believe they sold 80 of those that fast. The thing would have been sweet five years ago, but now it’s so ghetto.


this five minute delay thing is killing me.


Anyone else noticing that if you can get in the item is posting on the forum before the main page? Just curious.

This is either going to kill me or my wife is? Either way - I’d go down happy (my order page just keeps growing)


darn wanted one of them.


Hey it’s just the thing for my dear pops for his walks. Since he’s permanently stuck in 1955, this advanced alien technology to him. Part of Father’s Day is done! (Don’t tell him, but he’s also getting a grill set)