RCA Small Wonder HD Digital Camcorder w/4GB MicroSD Card


uggg. Another crappy camera.

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do i get one do i get one do i get one… nah maybe next time

Double Rainbow! Whoa, that’s so intense.

day 3, first week…

XP or Vista… dont they know its all about the 7!!!

If it is that important to you to be first, you have to re-sort your priorities.

Then he would be last.

I almost bought one (pretty colors effect) but stopped myself - up past 2:30 am second night in a row… time for bed before woot kills either me or my bank account.

Bad reviews on Amazon - supposedly poor image quality and sub-par lens.


200 camcorders. 8 sold so far. 192 to go. This may be where I go to sleep

You need to say how awesome they are so people will buy three and we can move this woot off along.

Cute…but my Sony 8mm camera still works just fine.
And I remember my First Video Camera…full-size VHS, with a shoulder carry-bag battery pack!!!
We were so HEP back then!

How good are these at low lighting? If I’m going to be stalking someone, I need a camera that can do low light photos well.

Don’t quite understand how first woot brought it down to 99.5%…that indicates 200 camcorders. Somehow its at 84.9% on the trackers…any thoughts?

Just copy from the memory card and use whatever software you like (including lots of available free apps) to edit.

8MP for $50? Really?

Had to flip a coin to decide.
Susan B. Anthony says: NO SALE.