RCA 720p Digital Camcorder

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RCA 720p Digital Camcorder
$24.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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$69.90 on Amazon, and only two reviews, one at 2 stars, one at 4.

CamelCamelCamel says that Amazon has sold it for as low as $60 in the past. Google can’t find it for less than that, so if this is what you want, it’s a pretty good price.

I’m confused-does this have any built in memory or do you have to buy an SD card to make it functional? Basically, is it ready to use out of the box and an SD card is an option to provide more storage?

Got 3 of them. Good price.

Thanks w00t!

The amazon page, which has all the details from RCA, says nothing about internal memory, so I would play it safe and assume that a micro-SD card is required.


EDIT: added “micro”

You need a microSDHC card to store your videos. It does not have built-in memory.

Here’s the manual

Correction: Post below says there a tiny bit of built-in memory.

If this video camera had a wide field of view, a dash mount and could continually record over the oldest footage unless the “save” button is pressed I’d buy three. I need a car camera to catch the jerks red-handed who dodge responsibility in accidents. Or to zap a cop committing perjury. As it stands, meh.

Yes, you have to add your own microSD or microSDHC (class 4).

What camera would you recommend that does those things?

Ok, responding to my own post, but digging around after googling, I came up with this which indicates a very small amount of internal memory by which you could get a few minutes of video time:

Yes, here’s the OEM page for the EZ2100

It’s not an endorsement, but a quick search turned this up:

Seems like a relatively affordable brother to the (now extinct) Flip MinoHD by Cisco. They’ve upgraded the idea with an SD card slot, though.

The 1/4" jack on the side is only A/V out. Unfortunately, you can’t use an external mic with this camcorder.

On the brite side… It is reassuring to know that Woot has (post web site facelift) gone back to offering kinda cool stuff and really good prices. This current offering is kinda classic Woot. It probably works and if you can live with its limitations it is probably a hell of a good deal.

Keep the under $50.00 stuff coming Woot!

Okay, unrelated to item… It’s been a bit since the change and I’ve got to say I have not had the same obsession I used to regarding woot… I used to stay up until midnight on work nights (tonight is not one) just to see the selection. I do not consider myself a person adverse to change, however EVERYTHING about this just feels different to the point I no longer care. I fully expect and accept the “then go!” responses and their like, and I understand; I too muttered to myself the same thing when previous woot changes brought similar comments from others… I will continue to check here occasionally and purchase without hesitation if something piques my interest. However I can honestly say that I no longer check every day, it has ceased to be part of my routine… Perhaps it is solely my imagination but it must be more than the layout… the items themselves don’t have the same allure as before… It all simply feels “off.”
I sincerely wish woot and anyone financially vested in its success well, I truly do. Those who decided on these changes are - I am sure - fine people who have survived the initial backlash of change for a reason… There is no point to my post, no boycott, no mission to change things… Just an acknowledgement that - for me - it’s been a great journey that has changed course… and not for the better.

I’m pretty new to Woot, and after watching about 10 deals come and go (along with loads of negative comments about every item), I really have been confused. Basically I have the same sentiments as you.

I wrote a post just basically asking “What’s the purpose here if everything that is coming up for sale is subpar, chintzy products at hardly discounted prices (and often refurbs)?” I wasn’t bashing the site, I hardly know enough about it to make any judgment, therefore I asked.

What happened? My post got deleted. If that’s how Woot is going to go about their business, that’s pretty disappointing. Any smart business knows that honest feedback is important to success. If everyone just came in saying “Awesome! I bought one!” how would the site ever going to progress? Heck, this is a beta.

After last time, I fully expect this post as well as yours to be deleted. Hopefully not.

This deal actually seems pretty solid though. It’s the first useful deal I’ve seen since I’ve been here. Hopefully there will be more bargains like this; not horrible notebooks for inflated “sale” prices.

Quality post tagline: Khufu413 is still talking about something that happened three weeks ago.

Honestly, most of the deals have been pretty mediocre since I started checking the site with decent regularity over a year ago. I don’t really see much of a difference between the deals post-interface-change; rather I think the change in visual style shook a lot of die-hards enough to realize that the deals have been mediocre for a while now.

Incidentally, the deal I’m most hoping to see in the next month is a new 6 liter White Mountain Manual Ice Cream Bucket for $150. Not holding my breath, but if any Woot buyers see this, keep it in mind. Guaranteed sellout.

Actually, Woot leaves a lot of negative posts up, even gives quality post status to “Do not buy” posts on an almost daily basis. Are you sure you didn’t cross some other line for decency or go completely off the topic of the thread? Accepting (and often encouraging or even demonstrating) skepticism about the quality of their products and their deals is something that has defined Woot for as long as I’ve known it, which goes back much further than the year+ that I’ve been regularly checking it.