Response time

How far behind is the customer service response time? I was sent the wrong item and emailed a few days ago but haven’t heard anything back yet. I may have to contact my credit card company.

Are you checking the email account listed in your woot account? That’s the one they’ll reply to. Also check all the spam and junk folders. They’re pretty busy but I would guess you should have heard back in 24-48 hours.

Maybe @notmatty or @ThunderThighs can check.

All that @pepper114 said.

I’ll check in with CS for you.


Update: CS got your contact this morning a little after 9am. They’ll get back to you in the order it was received. Please allow 24-48 hours.

I have contacted CS for several different reasons this week. They seem as usual to get back. No problems. Ck your spam too.