Ring Spotlight Cam Wired HD Security Camera

Ring Spotlight Cam Wired HD Security Camera

A more accurate name for this is corded rather than wired. You have to have an electrical outlet nearby to connect this to. You can’t just hang it from an old floodlight location that has actual wires you have to connect.

Couldn’t you cut the plug off and connect with wire nuts then?


It can be done, if you’re unsure how to you’d need to hire an electrician …

Woot, any chance of finding some of the battery powered version of this?

Not that easy to cut the plug & wire it in a box. The wire comes out the bottom, not the back. The back is solid. And it uses a mounting plate that is too small to span the box.
I did something similar, but it was a big hassle.

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so this refurb doesn’t even get 30 days of free monitor?

I’m going to guess the cord has an AC to DC adaptor at the end of it so you absolutely could not cut the cord and wire AC directly to it without blowing it up.

[MOD: It’s a standard power cord]

So is this one that every agency can tap in to?

Every agency? No.

(Not sure why the FDA would want to.)


Maybe not out of the box, but with the last refurb I bought from woot, I contacted ring support and they gladly started a new 30 day trial for me with no hassle. YMMV though.


It seems unlikely there’d be a wall wart that they expect to be plugged in outside. I don’t have one though, so that’s just a guess.

No, it does not have any such adapter. It has a very long and very sturdy outdoor-rated cord to plug in a standard 110V outlet.

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I have one of these (plus two outdoor stick up cams). These work very well. The light is very bright (you can adjust the brightness if you like). Very easy to install and set up through the app. Picture quality is outstanding. Very nice that you can also choose to talk to whomever is outside. Can also trigger a very loud alarm. When you set up a new account, you can get 30 days free of video storage and monitoring, after that it is $3/month or $30/year for one camera, or $10/month or $100/year for up to 5 cameras.

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Just got confirmation that it is included on the Factory Reconditioned version.


Can you:

  1. Screw the mounting plate into a properly - sized mounting plate, which would then attach to a standard box
  2. Drill or knock out a hole in the bottom of the standard box and run the cord from the bottom of the unit ot the bottom of the box.

Or am I oversimplifying things?

Just want to mention that there is no internal battery backup for this. As in, if someone cuts the power cord, the camera will just shut off instead of being powered for even a few minutes. Seems an odd oversight to not even include a few minutes of battery power. (This was confirmed by a CSR from Ring when I was looking at these a while back, I have to assume she was right)

Which is why I’d grab the rechargeable version and power it with the USB charging cable permanently tapped into whatever power source you’re using (in my case, it’d be plugged into our outdoor power outlet). Theoretically if someone cut that power cable, the camera would still run, much to the criminal’s chagrin.


i wish woot would carry the ring floodlight camera.

That’s exactly how I would do it.
However, I own two of these and have them installed high on our lanai wall and plugged into almost a floor level weather proof outlet box. I installed them where there was no previous junction box. Very convenient. The lanai is screened and has a locked entry door. Nothing to really prevent forcible entry, but at least I’d get a nice video of them in the act.

Works with Alexa doesn’t mean you can pull-up and view on any of the overpriced Amazon boxes. Don’t buy this camera…refurbed or new!!!