Ring Video Doorbell 2

Ring Video Doorbell 2

Is this the one that was recalled due to fires from improper screws?

[MOD: The model we are selling is not part of the recall. ]


there’s no drop down menu where you can select “Smoking” or “Non-Smoking” so that’s anyone’s guess


I would hope Woot! would be checking and not selling the affected units.
“Consumers can determine if their doorbell is included in this recall by entering the doorbell’s serial number at http://support.ring.com/ring-2nd-gen-recall. Only Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation) models with certain serial numbers are included.”
Full recall info: Ring Recalls Video Doorbells (2nd Generation) Due to Fire Hazard | CPSC.gov


I’ve had one of these for quite a while now - pre-fire-sale version.

My condo did not have a doorbell, so I needed one that was battery powered. This has done the trick quite well. Pictures are clear, and it can be fun watching the videos of the neighbors having a discussion.

You may want to get one of the solar devices that can help keep the battery charged - you’ll still have to charge the battery periodically, but the solar chargers put a little extra time between charges. You may also want to get an extra battery. With the battery removed for charging the innards of the device are wide open, and somebody could just unscrew the device from your home. That, and there are no videos taken when the battery is removed/charging. It took me about 45 seconds to switch batteries yesterday.


Does this one need to be wired to anything or is it just mount and go?

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You can mount and go with the rechargeable batteries, but then you’ll have to occasionally swap out the batteries for charged ones. If you optionally wire it to a doorbell wire, then it’ll charge itself.

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what’s the deal with monthly fees for Ring service? I’ve seen mixed answers on what you can now get for “free” vs what needs a “premium” plan. Seems like the model for more of these smart devices is sell it cheap (or for a loss) and then get years of profit from monthly fees.

EDIT I am currently paying for Nexia (smart home) and Arlo (camera system) fees. I am using Blink (also from Amazon) but not the paid service so my videos delete after a short time. To retain them would cost me each month. I don’t mind paying for more services if they are good, but it is getting complicated having so many accounts and separate apps & systems. I don’t even know if Amazon has a way to integrate both Ring and Blink even though they “own” them both.

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Hello! The model we are selling is not part of the recall. The recall only affects the Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation) 2020 release, not to be confused with the Ring Video Doorbell 2 (which we are selling today), Ring Video Doorbell 3, Ring Video Doorbell Pro or Elite. Thanks!


I got one of these last time woot had them for sale. The package arrived, and to my eyes it was brand new. Not sure if it had ever been used and refurbed, but if it had, I couldn’t tell. It works great! I don’t pay any monthly fees, I think you only need to do that if you want to have it save video for any length of time.

If you happen to get one that is a little too scratched up, they sell replacement covers in lots of different colors. I think the last time I checked it was only $15.


I have had one of these on the front door for about a year, I bought one today for the back door. Not because I need a doorbell back there but because I want a camera back there.

My standard warning about ALL lithium batteries! Do not charge a lithium battery if the battery is below 40°F you will ruin it. If the battery is outside in the cold and needs to be charged bring it in and let it warm up before charging, it will last a lot longer if you do that. This only applies to charging, use and storage in cold are fine.

The Mothership has some nice faceplate choices for these!


You basically get nothing for free. You can remote in and live view at any time, like in a response to a ring, or motion at your front door, but unless you pay, nothing is stored or can be viewed after the fact.

Even if you pay, only triggered motion events or rings are stored.

Also, and I think most importantly, even though it is advertised as such by Ring, this has no compatibility whatsoever with google homes or that ecosystem, so if you’re hoping to use your google home as a chime or any such activity, look elsewhere.

I got this last time around, and am giving it the college try to see if it changes my mind, but so far, at least to me, it’s not worth the monthly/annual cost.

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I have a couple of zmodo camera as well as the “server” they sell. Can I add this to the system or am i out of luck

Solid advice on letting the battery warm up before charging it.


Click on the Specs tab on the front page - this time it is especially helpful, even including a comparison of Ring models!

For the Battery Discussion:

Remove the batteries and make note of the MaH capacity. These batteries are usually standard AA or AAA and you can easily find higher capacity models online or at a battery retailer.

*same scenario for the batteries in the solar panel

I bought one of their solar charges. The sun only hits it for 1/2 of the day (typical of any home facing east/west) and there is a small part of the roof above the door (typical). The solar charger does not seem to charge at all and if I had to guess, it seems like it discharges even faster while connected to the solar charger.

If you haven’t experienced it yet, you might like to know that most of these product versions only allow one “motion-detected event” within some number of minutes. Usually someone can trip the detector, wait a minute or so, THEN do whatever without being recorded…

So disappointed in you woot. Family members bought these thinking they got a great deal and they are $69 directly from Ring NEW with FULL warranty right now.

Way to shovel amazon returns at wooters. Your buyers had to know this was happening.

You should give everyone that bought a $20 gift card!

Hi @Woody1. Talked to our buyer. We don’t have insight into Ring’s promotions. Regardless, there are some differences between the two.

The naming conventions are confusing, but this Ring is for the new 2020 version of the original Ring Video Doorbell, whereas the one we were selling is the Ring Video Doorbell 2.

The updated Ring Video Doorbell now matches the Ring Video Doorbell 2’s 1080p video, but it still doesn’t include the interchangeable faceplates (you have to buy either satin nickel or venetian bronze, with ours you get both) or the quick-release rechargeable battery.

There may be some other differences as well but that’s the major ones he saw.

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