Rocketbook Smart Notebook and Mini w/ 5 Pens

Rocketbook Smart Notebook and Mini w/ 5 Pens

Woot!, Woot!, Woot! disappoint me. Is the three pack of pens enough to price this at $39.99, when on the Amazon Mothership it is $38.40? In the words of the 45th president of the United States…Sad!!!

I’m confused.

Woot is including an extra 3 pack of Frixion pens for only $1.59.

What’s sad about that?

Snagged this as a two pack of either Letter-sized or Executive-sized notebooks last time they were on Woot. Got the letter size. Gave one to my wife and kept one for myself. We love our Rocketbook Notebooks. My wife is an artist who constantly fills spiral bound notebooks with her ideas. I’m in management and I’m constantly taking notes off to the side.

Pages feel a little like plastic. They’re not. They’re polyester or something. The ink can take a few seconds to dry, though I haven’t smudged anything. Neither has my left-handed wife. There’s two bits of magic. First, being able to wipe the page clean like a dry erase board. Second, and more useful for me, the neat Rocketbook app that scans and saves your page.


So this is a white board? Lame.

Thanks sir, I literally just did the exact same thing for my other half that is an artist and I, who am also in business. This was what I was thinking of doing this for in the past but I’ve always wanted to see a decent review on these.


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It’s too bad they’re not offering the pens as a separate item. I already have a Rocketbook due to backing them on Kickstarter but don’t have the pens for it.

But you do have to use your phone to take a picture…

You are correct sir, my bad! Either way the ability to import it to multiple drives automatically and basically erase a page very quickly makes it more effective than the ability to just take a picture of it.

Am I correct in assuming that the notes can be saved to a hard drive rather than the cloud?

The notes are “saved” where you want them saved. It’s a setting in the app. Options include (I think, don’t hold me to it) Dropbox, Google Drive, an email address, Microsoft OneNote, Evernote, and Microsoft OneDrive.

That having been said, and I am a HUGE Rocketbook fan (I tested their first version, the microwave erasable “Wave”, I have several Everlasts, and I have settled for the most part on their non-erasable versions for daily usage), this is NOT a great deal. It’s pretty much full retail.

I’m confused. You say that saving notes can be where you want them saved, but then the options that you list don’t include hard drives. As a result, I’m still not sure if notes can be saved to a hard drive.

Your statement that the Woot deal is not so good is very helpful.

I’m going to assume you mean PC when you say hard drive.

Since it’s a mobile app, and not a PC app, you probably can’t save notes directly to your PC. You can save them indirectly to your PC if one of the options, like DropBox, is syncing to your PC.

You have to take a picture with your phone and it goes to the app on your phone. You can then send it to your email and open your email on a PC and save it to your computers hard drive.