Rowenta Turbo Silence Pedestal Fan

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Rowenta Turbo Silence Pedestal Fan
Price: $69.99
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Condition: New


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The reason I run a fan most of the time is for the ambient noise so… ?

That looks like a great replacement for the rattly old fan in my bedroom, just a season too late to justify it to the wife

I paid full price for one of these at the beginning of the season. Its the top rated pedestal stand and delivers superior airflow to gadgets like the dyson, and is relatively quiet.
comes with a remote, which I never thought Id use but ends up being most helpful.
and it’s noisy enough to provide a little white noise…

Me I’m hearing impaired, and while I like a little white noise and a fan on while sleeping, I also like to have some air moving quietly while lounging about watching a movie or some idiot TV. I purchased one of these fans from Woot a couple of years ago for my bedroom, best fan hands down I have ever owned. And here they are again on sale, living room will now be blessed as well.

its a no brainer if you need a fan. Fairly quiet and has great air flow. Beware it has a large foot print and is imposing in a room. Nothing wrong with dyson and dyson looks nice, but price wise nothing close to the Rowenta

I bought one of these during a previous Woot sale. I absolutely love it.

Like someone else, I bought one of these last time they were on Woot! and I love it. Very quiet. Solidly built. I didn’t think I’d care about the remote, but I find it very handy now that I have it.

Purchased two 18 inch fans a few months ago from Amazon. I HATE them they are so loud. I just hope this is as quiet as stated.

I own one of these. It’s silent. It’s powerful. Beneath it’s gentle breezes, I sleep the sleep of the just, in part because of the fan, in part because my heart is pure.

I have tried every kind of fan imaginable and this is definitely the best one I’ve owned. It does make some noise on Turbo. I also like a little white noise. I bought a second one for my BFF and he loves it too!

If you need a fan, these are great. Solidly built and decent air mover. You want noise buy something else. We use a white noise machine for that.

How easy is it to remove the cage and clean the blades? All fans get dirty eventually so I want to be sure that I can use the hand brush on our vacuum easily enough when it does.

Seems really expensive for a fan

As the saying goes…You get what you pay for!

You want cheep go to wallymart!

Good for moving skeeters and no-see-ums away from the deck?

Bought two of these last time, I very rarely write a review but this fan is quiet, powerful, solid and stylish. My wife loves the remote feature as well.

Like others that have bought this fan in a previous Woot, I too enjoy this fan in the living room while watching the tube. Silent and faithful to it’s silent inner Karma! Worth every cent!

I bought three in prior sale
Works great, one if the three cracked in half on the main head support and i have been unable to get rowenta to replace under alledged one year guarantee