Rowenta Turbo Silence Pedestal Fan

Rowenta Turbo Silence Pedestal Fan

I’m kicking myself because I just bought one last week! I specifically wanted the quietest fan I could find, and this one IS very quiet! I also like that when it comes time to clean, the cage comes off easily and the actual fan blades themselves also detach easily for cleaning. There is a bit of assembly involved, but anyone should be able to follow the directions for putting it together. Grab one!

I paid full price for this thing on the mothership. It’s the best pedestal fan available and produces FAR better airflow than the Dyson. it is very quiet and comes with a remote that you think you’ll never use until you use it every day. This is a good woot.

Got one of these on woot a few years back and it’s awesome. Remember reading somehweee that if it gets wet that it’ll rust quickly…so clean with a dry cloth.

Got one here on Woot a few months back. Excellent as far as build quality, durability, and quietness goes (at least on the lowest speed). Easy to clean and the remote is very handy. I didn’t think I would need/use the turbo mode but it has become a very useful setting. MUCH better than any other Pedestal fan you would get at Wally World. The only thing I don’t like are all the bright blue LEDs on the control panel - bright enough to need something to cover them at night, otherwise they will light up your bedroom. Uncovered, they keep me awake at night. Other than that this was an excellent purchase for us.

Have paid full price for two of these on Amazon, buying the second because of what a great fan
this is. Quiet, effective, easy to use. I cover the lights on all electronics with those black dots you can buy for that purpose.
Thrilled to see deal on Woot. Buying two to send as gifts.