Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3

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Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3
$299.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Can’t you just rent one when you need it?

does not come with the attachments for those wondering those are around another 80-100$ on top of this if you will need them

I bought one of these a few years ago from Costco. The thing is incredible…it will clean rugs/carpets like nothing else you can buy (well, I guess you could start your own business and buy the industrial strength units, but I’m talking about the average person). Really easy to use, very powerful and it makes those other rug cleaners cry to their mommas.

Here’s a review of the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro.


Here’s a bucking long commercial/video demo.

Here’s a fun video to watch.

if this were 200 id be all over it prob order 2 of them. for 300 plus the 90 for the tools you can buy a brand new one with the tools at costco for 399.

and yes agreed this cleans like no other except maybe commercial ones

I bought one from walmart for 349. Works great. I was worried it was all hype but they really do work and well. Better to own one then to rent one for $40 a pop for just 24 hrs.

If I buy one of these today, what are the chances tomorrow’s Woot will be a carpet?

Previous woot was $20 more at $319.99:

My comment then:

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as far as i know you can rent these… and…


I don’t suck that much. air nor water.


i’m sure it’s cool for those who own homes but…I don’t :frowning:

Is there a doctor in the house?

get it? GET IT?

OMG , I kill me…

You seem to imply it’s not new, it is. And AFAIK these are commercial grade, they are just blue plastic instead of red. Red is only for rentals and are supposedly not allowed to be owned or bought by anyone.

If people keep good control of the shoes and pets they probably don’t have to do a deep cleaning often enough to justify the costs of owning one unless they want to share/rent it out to family members. Having a few apartments, I really want to own one of these but would rather have the wide track since they hold more water and do a wider pass each time. The cheapest I’ve seen a widetrack when I looked a few years ago is $500-$550.

These things are TOTALLY worth it. I had one tenant hire one of those van guys to clean her place and I could still see problems after they were done. The next tenants TRASHED the rug. The carpet was heinous but I didn’t have the money for new stuff. I rented a widetrack rug doctor, turned my water heater up for hotter water and spent about 8 hours over a few days time working the carpet. The thing looked better than what the van guys did.

Some of the problem came back because of stuff trapped in the pad but the Rug Doctor was awesome. The agitator and suction from these things are really what you need for a thorough job. I’ve had the expensive home version of carpet cleaners with their “Pro Heat” and all and never liked the results. The suction on the Rug Doctor is far superior to the Bissells and others. The home versions don’t do real well with the tight closed loop carpet fibers I was trying to clean. The Rug Doctor didn’t care a bit.

The water reservoir and filter are fairly simple and durable to deal with on a Rug Doctor.

LMAO just used one today that my buddy lent us.

4 years of no clean carpet with 3 kids.

Did one full pass hot water only-Dirty

Second pass with ZAP shampoo & Hot water- Hella dirty almost black

Third pass hot water to help remove shampoo- Light Brown

Only bad thing is it uses up water like crazy had to refill every 25’ but i was going at a snail’s passe to let the brushes beat out the mat.

This thing helped me get a couple deposits back from former “cram as many college kids in” apartments.

Also, I rented one back in high school and it cleaned the carpets so well my parents knew i had thrown a party… However, they didn’t punish me because of how much nicer the carpets looked.

Thanks Rug Doctor!

That’s a really good price. You do have to be careful renting anything nowadays, bedbugs and such… Most people would probably be fine with something like the Hoover for less $ though. That one works pretty good too and would be plenty if you didn’t have really heavy dirt or a huge house.

If I had to go out on a limb here id say he’s probably implying its not new because of the big refurbished (i.e. Not new) label on it. And he can get one new for basically the same price with Costco’s return/warranty.

Just want to make sure that “refurbished” is represented correctly here. This is from the features:

These are NOT rental machines that have been reconditioned. These are NEW Rug Doctor machines that have been returned by the customer as part of their 30-day money-back program. Each machine is thoroughly inspected and guaranteed to work perfectly. Plus, every refurbished Rug Doctor machine includes a full 5-year warranty, so buy with confidence.