Russian Nesting Doll



Not a fan of this one…


Looks like a bib


i know this is a costume simulation, but still…

i’ll try not to comment on how unattractive i think the design is.


Wow, that’s unexpected! Thanks, ADQ. I would recommend ordering a size up if you really want the full effect. That way you can pull the neck over your head like Cornholio to simulate a nesting doll.


If only I could eat a midget wearing the same shirt


Wow. Definitely not what I expected to see. Congrats to the artist, but I’ll have to pass. Definitely looks like a bib and one would have to explain that it’s supposed to be a nesting doll thing for anyone to get it.


Hmmmm interesting pick! First time seeing such a low voting (+70) design place in a derby…


So I’m confused, did this not go by votes? Or is something messed up on the votes page of the Derby, because this one wasn’t even close to the top according to what I saw. I totally would have bought the Doctor or Vader designs.


First place is chosen by votes, second place by Woot editors, and third place by a rotating guest editor. The third place choice often comes from outside the Fog, but this is the first time I’ve seen one placed this low.


This is tacky beyond belief. This makes me want to wear a woot Christmas sweater shirt.


I can understand other people’s confusion and lack of excitement for this shirt but I love the idea.
Just picture an entire family standing from tallest to shortest all wearing this shirt! It’d be a super easy and fun family costume idea. Although I am one of those girls who has an oddly strong attraction to nesting dolls.


Congrats orabbit!

It’s a nice, bright, clever design. :slight_smile:

And I’m feeling a bit sentimental since I vaguely remember my grandma having nesting dolls.


Sneaky Woot, making people have to buy a bunch for the full effect. This would seriously make an awesome family costume.


This seems like a new low. It really seems to make the voting superfluous outside of picking the Friday shirt. I’m really starting to think the voters made better choices overall.


A picture’s worth a thousand words. This was the intended effect.


I’ve got to say, I’m just as surprised as everyone else that this got picked. It was just a silly idea, but I’m glad at least some of you like it!


I love the pick. Congrats orabbit.


Somebody please tell me how many of these end up selling. I’m in the mood for mind-boggling.


The different way of selecting which derby designs print was a response to the “No, only certain designs print” remarks. The past few weeks, there has been a bit of variety in regards to what printed.

That said, someone will always be unhappy about the outcome of the derby. Lots of someones will. Everyone has their own opinion and design preferences. What one person loves, another might hate, that’s how it is. Part of me will always react like a 5 year old girl when I see a cute animal, so I like the cute animal designs. I also love some of the works of art that are created for the derbies and dailies. That said, I’ll never buy something related to Star Wars or Dr. Who, I don’t care how amazing the design is. The nice thing about shirt.woot - if you don’t like a shirt there’s others available in the reckoning (and side sale) or, wait a few hours, and then there will be a new one.


I was looking forward to buying a shirt I could use for halloween but I wouldn’t buy any of the winners. Very disappointed.