SainSmart x Creality Ender-3 3D Printer

SainSmart x Creality Ender-3 3D Printer


If you get one of these, google the heat bed connector and make sure you have the updated “proper” connector. Some of them melted and supposedly caused fires due to a supplier using inferior power connectors.

Here is a popular 3d Printing channel discussing the issue…

Woah boy. $179.99 for 40% off of $299.99 ?!

I am going to have to think hard on this one.

Well done woot.

You don’t want this deal. It is a great printer but get the Ender 3 Pro. The upgrades are well worth the extra.

No one sells this for $299. It’s a good price ($220 at the mothership), but it’s found under $200 at the usual suspects with only a little Googling.

Sounds like you need to adjust your retraction settings.

…or they need to change the orientation of the hydrocoptic marzlevanes to prevent side fumbling.

This is a great printer for the price. I picked one up in December and it has not stopped printing since. I would recommend a glass bed and to print a side spool holder.

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I also got one last November and it has been fun. The first things I built were add-ons or tools for the printer. I recommend the cable chain belt to keep the cables for the bed and extruder from getting tangled. has hundreds of thousands of stuff to print, most for free.

I also got OctoPi (OctoPrint) and installed that on a Raspberry PI Zero W. I am not using a camera to watch it remotely so the PI Zero-w works fine. I then got a voltage regulator and hooked that to the 24V internal supply. Then printed a box to hold that. Both are double stick taped to the side of the frame. Connected a couple very short cables to the voltage regulator and PI Z-w and the printer. Now the entire unit is wireless except for power. I can put it anywhere and control the printer from my computer, tablet, or phone. When it gets warmer I will be setting it up in the garage with an enclosure and be able to print ABS and not have to deal with the smell.

After the add-on parts, I have been printing AA and AAA battery boxes for friends like crazy. It has been great fun. I think it is a good inexpensive printer to learn about 3D printing.


I got this last time it was on here (December-ish) and it has been great. I had to tinker with it a bit especially leveling the bed. It took some trial and error and now it runs great. I also bought the glass bed, and that thing is great as well. So far, I’ve very satisfied with the purchase.

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Got the SainSmart version this past Christmas. No complaints, worked well after minimal assembly. Pretty much everything needed is supplied except filament. Look around for a good assembly / tips / tricks /tuning video before assembling as there are a few additional steps that can ensure a properly aligned machine (makes a big difference). This one punches above it’s weight class in terms of capability vs price.

I snagged this in December as well. I’m having a great time with it! It’s been a little workhorse and is a great intro printer for getting into 3D printing. It had a little learning curve. Prints were coming out terrible, but after finding a youtube video to show me the correct settings to use in Cura, it’s been pretty fantastic. I really recommend getting a glass print bed though. I am using a handheld vanity mirror that I took the mirror out of. It’s been working pretty great. Overall i’m pretty happy with the decision to get it. I wish I could have afforded the CR-10, but it was a bit out of my price range. But for the price, I think this is a great printer.


Purchased on the last woot and Sainsmart has been horrible to deal with. 0 support.

Woke up this morning regretting not getting this yesterday. Whoops. Next time.

Anybody’s arrived yet? And there is no way to check Amazon Logistics tracking number right?

Yeah, Amazon hasn’t provided a way to track outside Amazon orders. Kinda strange.

If you’re curious, you can get in touch with Woot Customer Service and they’ll give some info.

Well, Doug, did you get your printer? Is it awesome?! Did you print a screaming flying monkey yet?!

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Did anyone get theirs? Try it out? Curious for future information on getting one via the woot’ness.

Yep, I received mine on Sunday the 3rd. Took about 2-3 hours to get it assembled and tweaked, bed leveled, things like that. It already punches well above its weight in stock form, but the accessories and upgrades you can purchase (or print!) make it a really versatile machine. Community support is unmatched. Even at full price it’s a solid choice if you’re wanting to get into 3d printing, but Woot’s price is hard to beat. If I see it again soon I may get another one!

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