Samsung 3D 4K Smart LED TV

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Samsung 3D 4K Smart LED TV
Price: $1499.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Aug 23 to Wednesday, Aug 24) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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What’s the warranty on this?

Consumer Reports has it listed as a “Recommended Buy” at $3500-4000.

Looks like a killer deal if you’re in the market for a huge 3D tv.

90 Days by Samsung. You can see a link to that at the bottom of the description.

same price as newegg but 119.99 for shipping. cheaper on ebay with free shipping
[MOD: ^^ That’s a 55". We’re selling a 65".]

Yikes! That’s a lot of money for shipping!

Reviews over at Crutchfield

It’s $120 more with shipping on Newegg so not comparable deal and eBay is 55" and this is a 65", come on man!

Does this have HDR (HDR 10 or Dolby)?

It has HDR10. Word on the Internets is that it’s not quite as bright as some more modern alternatives, but even on my also-not-so-bright LG 60UH8500, you can tell the difference with HDR pretty easily.

I owned this for awhile before I got my LG OLED, it is a decent set and very good sound. This is a good price, especially if it is factory refurbished (my guess it is new overstock as the K-series models are out).

I’ve looked into this TV a lot recently and just haven’t pulled the trigger yet. The lowest I remember seeing was around $900 from a individual seller on Amazon. Legit? Maybe.

I also saw it for $1099 through Amazon warehouse deals and it was in “very good” condition with a scratch on the back or something.

Otherwise, $1499 is the price I’ve seen all over the place such as Best Buy deal of the day, Newegg shell shocker, and again, Amazon. This is a nice price, but the $1499 price tag comes around very often.

Nice link. Refurbished from $2159 with $47 shipping.

Unless you were looking at the used ones? Not the same.

Are you sure about HDR? My understanding is that there are no 3D HDR sets. HDR is not compatible with 3D or something.

All full of nope on this one. If it was the KS series, then this ting would have sold out in in seconds.

“Second best of the sets we reviewed for 2015.”

Yes to HDR10, no to Dolby Vision.

Inputs Specifications
HDR10 Show Help
: Yes
Dolby Vision Show Help
: No
5.1 Passthrough ARC Dolby Digital Show Help
: Yes
5.1 Passthrough ARC DTS Show Help
: Yes
5.1 Passthrough Optical Dolby Digital Show Help
: Yes
5.1 Passthrough Optical DTS Show Help
: Yes
HDMI 2.0 Full Bandwith : Yes
ARC : Yes (HDMI 4)
USB 3 : Yes (1)
HDCP 2.2 : Yes
CEC : Yes
MHL : Yes (HDMI 3)
Variable Analog Audio Out : No

Have had 3 Samsuck HDTVs. Not one of them lasted more then a few years. Great picture while they work though.

I bought this exact TV on Prime Day through warehouse deals for $1250 and was described as a “pristine item but will come repackaged.”

I was upgrading from a ~5 year old Samsung LED, and am very pleased for the price. I would not have paid more than about $1600 for this set, given the competition on how long I expect to have to wait until OLED comes down in price. It’s a great set, but compared to my last set it took a greater amount of calibration to get to where I was happy. I also have three different calibration settings that I flip through depending on source I’m watching and what the lighting conditions are.

So my one tip is if you aren’t pleased with the color right out of the box, give it some time and look up some calibration settings. Probably just the nature of how much more clarity and detail I’m getting then before makes some of those color balances more obvious.

Compared to it’s competition (non-OLED) it gets much more vivid colors but with a sacrifice in black levels. Not terrible blacks, but Sony does blacks better in the same price category. Oh and if you’ve never owned a larger Samsung LED TV, the major complaint that took me some time to adjust to is the backlight - you end up with some bright corners in a dark room and can almost see a glow where they shine in. It bothered me at first with my old set but I adjusted to it pretty fast and hardly noticed it except in super dark scenes in a pitch black room. Just a Samsung LED thing.