Samsung 65" 240MR 4K Smart TV

Is this the 2015 or 2016 version? The 2016 version comes with the Smart Things hub built in which would be cool.

I was wondering the same thing. I’m guessing it’s the 2015 model since the 2016 has a different Y-shaped base in the middle rather than legs on either side.

Ok, I take back what I just said. Looks like the 2016 SUHD models do have this kind of stand.

KS indicates 2016 - the 2015 models were JU and JS

2016 version

Looks like there’s no Samsung warranty listed. Anyone have experience with needing service on a refurb they bought on Woot?

Don’t know if the deal is still going, but Dell actually had some deals on Samsung & LG TVs a couple weeks ago. We got the UN65KU6500F 65" Samsung curved TV for $1399 with a $500 gift card – so we got an Xbox One S (also a 4k blu-ray player) with 4 controllers and a few games for “free”. I’d go check them out if you’re looking for a TV.

I just recently had a poor experience with a refurbished 29" Samsung Ultrawide monitor that was defective. Woot customer service suggested I could get a refund (no replacements) or deal with Samsung support. I chose to get a refund and bought another one that was identical that was BETTER but still had a different defect. Woot gave me a prepaid shipping label and refunded it as well.

I must say Woot customer service is amazing but all refurb warranties are directly through the manufacturer or you can just get a refund (or replacement if available).

Samsung on the other hand, has had a bad record giving me 2 of 2 defective items that were considered “Refurbished” on woot.

I bought this TV new from Costco 2 days ago. I was trying to decide between it and the 70" LG. The picture is remarkable. Quantom Dot is essentially as close as it gets to OLED without the huge cost. Which won me over. Here is the relevant review:

My thoughts on buying from woot. I would spend the extra and just go to Costco. They give you two years warranty on all electronics for no extra cost. Second, I signed up for the Costco Citi Visa to buy this. The Citi Visa has an initial 7 months 0% APR, extends warranty coverage out to 4 years, and gives you 2% back on Costco purchases.

EDIT: here is the product page at Costco:"-Class-(64.5"-Diag)-4K-SUHD-LED-LCD-TV-UN65KS800DFXZA.product.100289903.html

I believe you need to be signed in as member to see the price ($1779.99)

I’ve been monitoring the Samsung KS line since this spring. It’s dropped $1000 since the opening bell on it. ($2799)

It has dropped so much that I’m now looking at the 65" instead of the 55". It just dropped from $1977 to $1799 just a few weeks ago. I’m thinking it will drop more by black Friday?

Information-wise: it names all the right buzzwords except Dolby Vision, a competitor of HDR10. Also, the only thing to improve upon more and better lighting zones and the next version of HDR. (HDMI 2.1) But for me, all the advancements, plus 4k should keep people busy for a while. So unless you really want OLED, I don’t see really big leaps in improvement for next year’s models.

Oh and you’ll notice that all retailers have the same price because they’ve all agreed to sell it at the same. (Called UPP)