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Choose Your Samsung 1080p LED Smart TV
Price: $269.99 - 1449.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Thursday, May 15 to Tuesday, May 20) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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4/9/2014 - $269.99 - 1,049 - 44 comment(s)

Product Page for the 65 inch
Product Page for the 60 inch
Costco Reviews for the 60 inch

I have a 32" Samsung that I’ve had for… quite a long time. Those that have done the TV upgrade before: is a 32" >> 46" a nice leap? Worth the investment?

Keep in mind: I purchased my current 32" LCD from CIRCUIT CITY for a shade over a cool grand. So while I believe I’m due for an upgrade my wife may think not.

Great reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) on the UN32EH5300 over at and check out the product page


Is this a deal?

What does refurbished typically mean for TV? Can I trust these to last as long as new? What are possible risks?

Yes, 46" is an upgrade and will be a noticeable upgrade. However, I upgraded from a 42" to a 60". With that said, I would go for a 55" if I were you and if you have the space. The price is very reasonable, especially considering that you spent over a grand for your 32" way back when. And trust me, you wouldn’t regret it. Your wife probably wouldn’t either.

Bought the 50" the last time these were on Woot. It is quite big actually. The set is full of apps and built in wifi makes set up a breeze, it’s a smart TV, so it is supposed to learn from you, but this did not come with the optional set top box transmitter so the TV can control the set top, so we had to turn the smart stuff off. But the picture is excellent.

Something broke. It went back to the manufacturer or an authorized re-work facility, the problem was fixed, the set checked out, and sold for a big discount. The only risk I have seen with refurbished is that during rework, they did not catch all the problems. Not typical though.

If I were to get one of these, I would get a 55" or bigger. It looks like the sweet spot, pricing wise, is the 60" which seems to be about $375 cheaper than Amazon.

The 50" and smaller are 60Hz TVs which means that they would suck for any amount of motion (i.e. movies, sports, etc.). Ignore the “Clear Motion Rate” as it is pure marketing.

The 55" and bigger also includes the more modern DTS and surround sound modes found on Bluray, etc. Of course, you wouldn’t necessarily notice unless you hooked up an external sound system to it.

Here are the real refresh rates:

UN65F6350A 65IN 1080P 120HZ
UN60F6350AF 60IN 1080P 120HZ
UN55F6350 55IN 1080P 120HZ
UN50EH5300 50IN 1080P 60HZ
UN46EH5300 46IN 1080P 60HZ
UN40EH5300 40IN 1080P 60HZ
UN32EH5300 32IN 1080P 60HZ

Compared to new on Amazon:

65" - Woot is $300 cheaper
60" - Woot is $375 cheaper
55" - Woot is $300 cheaper
50" - Same price
46" - Woot is $120 cheaper
40" - Woot is $30 cheaper
32" - Woot is $10 cheaper

I have a 24" Samsung Smart TV in the bedroom and I rather like it. I like the network connectivity (no cable box in that room) because it’s easy to connect to Netflix or HBO GO etc. All in all, I think Smart TV’s are a great choice, 'cause who has a Xbox in every room anyway?

This seems like the better way to go for a 60inch, brand new and basically the same price when you add in the $400 gift card.

With the value for the dollar that current TV’s offer over what you paid for the 32 incher, you’re only being prudent to jump to the largest screen you can comfortably afford. I personally kicked up from a 27" to a 52" and am extremely happy with the decision.

Strongly considering the 55" to replace a JVC 61" that is on its last legs. I’d love the 60" but things being what they are here the 25% discount over 5" will likely out. Will have to re-measure to see how well it fits into the existing space.

The $400 gift card???

Found this handy site that breaks down the samsung tv model numbers.

Refurbished covers everything from buyers’ remorse returns and products whose defects have been repaired by the pros to damaged packaging and discontinued items. If you can accept their checkered past, refurbs have a lot of love to give.

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Delivery on 50" and up TVs
TVs that are 50" or larger will ship freight. Make sure your Account Information has a good phone number and the correct physical address so the carrier can schedule a delivery appointment. Please allow a little extra time for transit on these larger TVs.

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I’ve had a 720p 32" samsung TV for 9 years now. This TV has been completely flawless and never once given me an issue.

I use this TV as my monitor and TV and even with the heavy use, it’s still kicking. I can’t even imagine how many hours I have burned into that TV.

Samsung make some lasting products in my experiences.