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Choose Your Samsung 1080p LED Smart TV
Price: $269.99 - 1049.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Monday, Apr 14 to Thursday, Apr 17) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Costco Reviews
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Great reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) on the UN32EH5300 over at and check out the product page

Are the TVs sold on Woot and Woot Plus handled differently? Namely, do normal Woot sales ship from vendors or directly from the Woot Warehouse?

It really depends on the offer and a myriad of other factors.
Some vendors like to offload products to Woot and some provide shipping themselves.

Bought the 40" from Costco for $100 more. Great TV the only problem experienced was with the WiFi. Spent 1.5 hour on the phone w/ Samsung to get it resolved. Once the remote tech accessed the TV discovered the TV didnt have the latest downloads necessary to use that feature. This seems to be a common problem as a friend encountered the same issue. Once that was resolved works like a charm.

I have the 32-inch Samsung and it’s great! Bought it in 2012, and have not had any problems at all. Well, except I have not tried all the features, but I’m sure they work!

There’s a sweet tie- in w/ a Plus Deal on
Samsung Home Theater Upgrades. Some nice deals there on blu-ray players, sound bars, and speaker systems. Since they are made by Samsung, I would think they work in an integrated fashion with their TVs.

These Samsung TV’s have one of the best apps library for any “smart” TV. They have all the regulars, and yes, that do have an Amazon app, but Samsung even has a native Plex app among others. is the link for the 32" TV. I expect they’re the same (or better) for the larger ones.

For my home theater in the living room, I have all kinds of boxes attached, but these smart TV’s are a really nice option, and they’re exceptional for bedrooms/guest rooms/kitchens and anywhere else where you have limited space but want the stand-alone functionality.

No QAM Tuner makes it worthless for me.

Great timing, I just bought the current model of the 60". But I have to say I love this TV. The features are fantastic, it works well with my DirecTV receiver, and the picture just amazing. Given how much less expensive this Woot! model is, if you’ve been thinking about one, this is a good choice.

Morning Wooters! I want to make sure you see this note at the bottom of the features. TVs that are 50" or larger ship via freight so make sure your phone number is correct in your account settings.

A phone number and physical address are required for sizes 50" and up to schedule a delivery appointment with the freight carrier.

I bought one last December (new, not from Woot). Picture is great.

I really wish it had a VGA connector for hooking up an older computer. That’s a major feature to be missing, because the apps are atrocious and the browser is horrid. There are lots of apps, but most are kids games and foreign language video feeds–oh, and How to Tie a Tie and How to Wear a Scarf (parts one and two, I am not kidding). Many of the apps are embarrassingly amateurish.

The Samsung OS is very badly behaved (updating at all sorts of times and popping up little messages even when you are just watching TV–very unpolished). And there’s still no security software for Smart TVs; connect them to your home network and it’s an open door for viruses and malware.

Look at the photo here on Woot; see the very center large icon for Family Story? They dropped the service last October, so now there’s a dead dedicated key on the remote.

The TV has a very good picture. Even the 32" is full 1080 resolution. But this has really soured me on the Smart TV concept. You’re much better off recycling an older computer if it has HDMI output.

I was researching the 40" model on Amazon, the 5300 is the ~3 year old model with slower wifi reported by many reviews and only a single core. The UN40F6300 is the 2013 model with dual core. Just be aware you’re buying a significantly older TV…

I have owned one of these for 2 years now and the picture quality with Directv is amazing. I don’t use the apps. I own 3 Samsungs of different ages and will not buy any other brand.

What, no 4K refurbs yet, Woot? Come on, I’m sure you guys can find some for us :wink:

Anyone know the refresh? Not the clear motion.

I had a great 52" Samsung. Great picture and features until it got the dreaded click of death. Samsung cheaped out on a 10 cent capaciters. They denied knowledge of the problem, though it was all over the internet. They were forced to do a recall, but all of us who fixed it on our own before the recall were just screwed over. So now I NEVER buy Samsung.

Has anyone successfully loaded Amazon Instant Video? I looked through their compatible devices and it appears this could be one of them but I’d like to be sure (especially since my DD’s favorite show is only on Amazon).