Samsung 48" 1080p 120 CMR LED Smart TV

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Samsung 48" 1080p 120 CMR LED Smart TV
Price: $399.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Reviews over at Crutchfield

Woot! Staff, Are you sure the specs for this are correct? Everywhere I look up Samsung UN48H5500 I see a 60Hz refresh rate not 120. I see nice reviews for those, but it this one has 120Hz I may like it better (or worse, because it’s hard to find review on it).

Always go with the model number over the Woot description. I’ve seen several instances where Woot’s specs have been wrong, ranging from minute differences that wouldn’t affect much so it’s hard to fault them, to blatant mistakes on somewhat big deal specs like this one (or the OS for a tablet in one particular case I’m remembering) that sometimes border on sketchy/intentional false advertising.

Woot doesn’t make up/alter the part numbers. Nor do they get special Woot-only editions. Trust the model number, every time.

Not sure where you are looking, but follow the links above to Samsung product page. States as below from product page:

Clear Motion Rate 120
View every detail of action packed movies and sports with Clear Motion Rate 120, a great level of motion clarity. The Samsung CMR uses the frame refresh rate, image processor speed and backlight technology to measure fast action.

It is most likely 60Hz. TV manufacturers have started putting “clear motion rate” or “motion rate” in their tvs and with a number double the actual Hz rating. I believe it is software or something that is supposed to make it look like the tv has a higher refresh rate without actually building it with a higher refresh rate.

TW is now going all digital. Will this TV allow me to use TW cable without having to pay for an adapter? I don’t get HBO, etc. I called TW but all they told me I needed was a cable card. Is this true? Sorry for the stupid question.

We’ve got a winner! While bathed in techno-jumble and rarely if ever put out there for consumption by the masses, CMR/2 = actual refresh rate.

CMR is a software enhanced display method to give the viewing experience of a faster refresh rate. It’s usually as simple as dividing the CMR in half.

Samsung was one of the leaders in this slight of hand spec rating and it has been adopted by other companies as well.

This is a 48" tv, however the spec states it is 42.3" wide. Is this true? Lists on Amazon for $750, woot seems like a great deal on this one

Yes, since TV sizes are measured on the diagonal, which in this case is ~48".

At a standard 16:9 HDTV ratio, the width of the screen will be about 87% of the diagonal. So in this case ~41.6" plus the bezel and your a bit over 42".


Samsung page shows this about the CMR rate:

View every detail of action-packed movies and sports with Clear
Motion Rate 120, a great level of motion-clarity. The Samsung CMR
uses the frame refresh rate, image processor speed and backlight
technology to measure fast action.

Found it here: Specs PDF

I got my TV and it was broken, I’m so fuddgin mad!

Oh jeez, I’m so sorry to hear that. Please send CS a message at for assistance.

Bought and returned. Refurb was defective on left 2/3 of screen, showing horizontal stripes, most noticeable in areas of solid color. Orange areas had red and yellow stripes, blue areas had dark blue and white stripes. Gray areas had light and dark gray stripes. In addition, on full screen displays of a single color, the color intensity faded from right to left. Yellow became nearly white, red faded to pink. Good response from Woot; no replacement available but RMA was issued quickly & refund was prompt.

Bought this product and when it was delivered the screen was cracked. Of course there is no one to call at WOOT, their 1st response was to call SAMSUNG…SAMSUNG told me that WOOT new better and that they are not responsible for refurbished products they don’t sell. I contacted WOOT again they asked me to take pictures of the TV…they finally relented and sent me a FEDEX shipping label which was EXPIRED and I had to pay $153 to have it packed and than wait for a new label. I have to say all the employees and customers that were in the FEDEX mail store 100% of them said that they would never deal with WOOT ever…So now I have to fight for the packaging fee and the extra 2-year warranty I purchased…Its not worth the time and effort to buy ANYTHING on WOOT

Jeez, I’m sorry to hear about your experience. I’ll make sure to send your info along; someone should be in touch soon.

You send me a damaged item and then I have to pay FEDEX to package the damaged product $153, and you send me an expired FEDEX shipping label…WOOT finally sent me a good shipping label and after 2 trips to FEDEX

Now you tell me that I’m not entitled to the $153 packaging cost for the defective TV that has to be sent back to WOOT or SAMSUNG.
WOOT is worst of the worst, and I promise you I will continually tell as many people (FACEBOOK Instagram anywhere I have an audience)…as possible how dishonestly I was treated by WOOT… I’m also going to file a claim with the BBB and the State Attorney General today. Just wanted your answer in writing