Samsung A505U Black (Unlocked) (S&D)

Samsung A505U Black (Unlocked) (S&D)

Just the one. :rofl::rofl:

It needed a forever home. Do you talk to your grocery store when there’s one last item on the shelf?

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Y’all don’t put these types of one offs in BOC’s?

Not if we can sell it. Also, it has to be in the Dallas warehouse for us to do that. Only items we ship out of the DAL warehouse are open box, BOCs, and my retail stuff. Everything else is in Amazon warehouses or drop shipped directly from our vendors.

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Your retail stuff? Dang, you’re also a purchaser? How many hats do you have? Haha it’s all good.

Yup, I buys stuff as well. So many hats. Including HAT hat.


HAT Hat!


Very unhappy Wooter here. I ordered this phone on 1/22 and to date nothing. Estimated delivery was Feb. 8, so don’t blame it on the power outage, especially since you’ve been selling crap every day with no interruption. Order page says “shipped” but UPS is still waiting for it. Guess somebody somewhere printed a label for it, so thanks for that; it must have been exhausting. To date I’ve had NO updated delivery estimate, NO response (not even a canned one) to my multiple emails…but I hope Woot is enjoying my money, which you’ve had since 1/22. What the hell do I have to do to get someone’s attention? Tap dance naked on your front lawn? Trust me, you DON’T want that–you will NOT be able to unsee it. WHERE. IS. MY. PHONE???

Dumb question:

You’ve checked the spam folder?

Also, replies go to the email on your account, NOT the one for Amazon login if that’s what you used (and if it’s a different email address).

@ThunderThighs - Boop.

Nothing in my spam folder…and I use the same email both for amazon and woot…I get emails from woot all the time at the address I used.


Hi there. It’s after business hours here so it’ll be tomorrow before I hear back from CS. Hang tight.

Sure. Thanks for replying.

Hi there. So they’ve responded to all 3 of your emails on:

Tuesday, February 23, 2021 7:39 PM (US/Central)
Saturday, February 13, 2021 11:09 PM (US/Central)
Thursday, February 11, 2021 6:04 AM (US/Central)

They are checking with the vendor to see what’s going on. I would suggest that you reach out with a different email address for them to try. You can also private message me with that email address if you prefer. DO NOT POST IT HERE IN THE PUBLIC THREAD!.

To private message me, click on my name and then click on Message in the box that pops up. To check your PMs, click on your avatar in the upper-right corner of any page and then click on the envelope in the menu that appears.