Samsung Bluetooth Headset

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Samsung Bluetooth Headset
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Samsung WEP470 Progressive Noise Filtering Bluetooth Headset
  • 1 Mail in Form for $20 Samsung Rebate

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Samsung Bluetooth Headset [New] - $19.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Samsung WEP470 Progressive Noise Filtering Bluetooth Headset, 1 * Mail in Form for $20 Samsung Rebate

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good headset…my friend just got it in his boc…and it seems to be almost free!!

So its $5 after rebate?


Great deal you actually only pay 5 bucks for it if you notice the mail in rebate… bummer on the item i was hoping for something awesome for black friday


$4.99 for a headset? Can’t beat that.

If you have a bluetooth dongle can you use this as a headset for your PC?

Wow. Every single electronic retailer - hell even the GROCERY stores have like motorola bluetooth for 10$ today for black friday. Nice woot, I was expecting a wootoff to blow some hard earned money. Thanks for letting me down.

Mail in rebate = PITA. I would rather pay 5 more upfront and have it that second. Wow woot, wow.

Saw this during a recent woot off.
Hrm… I’ll pass.

Black Friday. They should’ve saved a woot off for now. Hehe.

You can buy these on ebay for $5 and not worry about the rebate.

these things look huge… how are they compared to the jabras?

Adorama is selling this right now, same as woot, but with FREE SHIPPING.

But thank you woot for the woot off last week!

I’ve tried dozens of bluetooth headsets. So far, the only one to even begin to be worth a dime is the Jawbone. Sorry, but I’ll have to say PASS on this.

This rebate thing is a scam. I send all documents for rebate last time it was on woot. Never heard from them. Stay away and buy something good on black friday. Woot, this is an insult for black friday.

here’s CNet’s review


Here’s the product webpage