Samsung Galaxy S21 5G (S&D)

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G (S&D)

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wondering if anyone else bought one of these, mine arrived, and I didn’t open it right away since it was for my son who was still away at college. When I did, the screen is “very” scratched. not just “a” scratch or two. anyway, it’s by far the worst used (or even s&d) item I’ve ever received from woot. Just looking for other experiences, maybe I’m too picky and should consider myself previously lucky?

The scratches on the left are “deep” and the upper right corner is pretty damaged. All the other little marks are also scratches (pic is after ‘cleaning’).

Hi there. If you’re unhappy with it, reach out to Woot! Customer Service.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Note: Woot! Customer Service replies go to the email address on your Woot! account, not your Amazon login email if used/different.

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If you send it back, they can make sure that it’s dented, too.

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Thanks, was more looking for other experiences first. I mean, I chose to get a “scratch and dent” item. It certainly is scratched… as advertised :slight_smile:

I’m ‘wondering’ not quite to ‘unhappy’… My son is ecstatic because a GS21 is a tiny bit better than his GS8 which was not cutting it for him.

if there were more users saying their experience was either similar or way different in some way, I’d consider some kind of action maybe. Thanks for checking in on me. :slight_smile:

He loses some features, too, like the onboard FM radio chip

yeah and an SD card slot which I had not recognized at the time. Not the end of the world, but samsung is now charging similar prices to apple for 128 to 256 upgrades… which sickens me :slight_smile: