Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (S&D) (Open Box)

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (S&D) (Open Box)

Another S21 Ultra deal.
Meanwhile Woot CS had no idea if my order from the 4th of October has actually shipped from the seller.

Also didn’t know third party sellers sold on woot.
Since they do, who verifies that the items they sell are actually as described?

Seems very convoluted and inefficient.

This is an open box item - basically a return that tested good and being sold.

We are the only seller on Woot but we buy stuff from wholesale places, manufacturers, and various vendors.

Hi there. Your address for the order wasn’t entered properly which is probably why your order isn’t shipping. Please reach out to cs with a corrected address.

Thanks for the update.
I will reach out to them.
However I have bought several items with that shipping address so it makes me wonder what the issue is.

Use this format:

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I have to change my amazon address to this format to reflect this.

Still waiting to hear back from CS.
Hopefully they do reply me and my order can finally ship.