Samsung Home Theater Solutions

I don’t think there’s anything here that suits what I’m looking for, but maybe someone can help with a suggestion.

My home theater system is already satisfactory in my living room with two front stereo speakers and two rear stereo speakers (and a subwoofer). Most of the time, my roommates and I use it for music, and it would be great if we could extend this music out to our patio. What I’d really like to find is a couple of speakers I can place outdoors and have the music sent to them wirelessly. I could supply power to them but it would remove a lot of complication to not need to connect and run wire from across the house and through the exterior wall somewhere. I would assume a need to plug in a transmitter somewhere at the point where all the other speakers connect.

I’ve tried looking for “wireless outdoor speakers” and stuff through Google, but it’s hard to tell what would fit what I’m looking for. Many of the results seem like they are “wired” speakers to which you can “wirelessly” connect your phone over bluetooth or something.

Any recommendations? I’d much appreciate it. Desired price range is ‘as low as possible’.

I’m really bad with this stuff. If I have a Vizio TV will I need a receiver or anything to hook this stuff up? I was looking at the “Samsung HT-EM45C 5.1-Channel Smart 3D Blu-ray Home Theater System”

While this outfit doesn’t include a separate full-on A/V receiver, the Blu-ray player is amplified and you plug the included speaker cables directly into it. According to the Samsung website, the only additional component you’ll require is an HDMI cable to connect between the player and your Vizio TV.

Here’s a link to the product support webpage to download the owner’s manual:

Garbage! The Bluetooth rear speakers would not connect. I called Samsung, and the customer service rep was utterly worthless–couldn’t clearly walk me through a simple reboot (which I’d already done, four times), told me the refurbished unit was out of warranty, and was rude on top of that! It would cost me more to fix it than I paid. NEVER. AGAIN. Samsung’s worthless!!

Samsung HW-F450 2.1-Channel 280W Bluetooth Soundbar with Wireless Sub

I bought this about 2 months ago and a month ago, I noticed a cracking/static noise coming from the soundbar.
Finally had it and going to send it back to Samsung for repair; it appears a speaker is blown.
Now that I think about it, I think from day 1 when I got it, a speaker was defective.

The refurbished warranty is 3 months, so I had one month left. Hopefully they check the other speakers for me too. Only way I could mail it back was with a 36"x5" mailing tube and a roll of bubble wrap.