Samsung SmartCam HD 1080p WiFi IP Camera

Sadly, looks like this won’t work with Synology Surveillance Station due to a recent firmware change from Samsung:

Too bad, would’ve been in for 3.

Can these be powered via POE, or just by the power adapter?


Notice this on the Black model:
Memory Slot: microSD/SDXC, up to 128GB
Input Voltage: 5V
Current: 2A

This on the white model:
Memory Slot microSD/SDHC, up to 32GB
Input Voltage / Current 9V/1A

This is a BIG deal for 1080p performance!!! You’ve talking a HUUUUGE difference in recorded minutes.

Also, on the white model you’re probably not able to run it off of battery since it needs 9v whereas the Black needs only 5v, which most batt packs can provide.

The black model gives you an additional 2º of viewing area.

But here’s the real issue - while I don’t have a model number to which I can compare these, the Amazon’s for what I expect are the same, are not favorable:



Both have about a 36.5% one star rating.

I’m guessing this is the black one:[img]

with a 34% 1 star rating.

Neither of these are “Gotta git its.”

If I may, here’s one I personally own and like. It’s 720p which - yes - loses you the geek points there. You definitely won’t be AS impressive watching cat videos on your big screen but i own it, I like it a lot and it’s a bit cheaper with better reviews.

No, unfortunately, this does not support POE

My problem with these cameras is that they require you to sign up for an account with Samsung in order to use them.

I don’t like companies that require you to hand over personal information in order to use the product you paid for when it’s not necessary.

Any one know if these work with SmartThings?

Better than the foscam crap, but definitely doesn’t live up to Samsung reputation. I bought one a few weeks ago, and I’m sending it for warranty repair. it makes a loud buzzing sound, and I don’t get an image when viewing it online. And you can only view it online through firefox - not IE or chrome. When I went online to return it, it said “Out of warranty.” A 20-minute hold later, I was informed “they all say “Out of warranty”.” While the android app doesn’t crash like the foscam one does, it doesn’t reconnect after losing network connectivity - and it loses connectivity after 10-15 minutes. I use mine as a baby monitor, on a 21" HP Slate Pro Android display, and I have to manually click through the app, to get it back up and running. If the mic actually worked right, I wouldn’t hear the baby crying with this white turd. Wish I could return it, but that’s the Woot gamble.

It’s a shame. The older Smartcam models allowed you to login directly to the cameras and configure everything. No need to create an account on the Samsung site. Also, the older models emailed you a snapshot of a triggered event. It appears the newer generation only sends you an email notification.

Buyers be aware, the one i received works great but was used, dirty and had screw holes in the base.

I m going to return it it.

Ditto on the buzzing noise. I got 2 and just one is buzzing. Was there a fix or does it require a return for repair…again?