Samsung Tablets

Wow… seems to be a smoking deal on the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2.

Anybody have any thoughts or opinions? Had been looking for a 10.1 note but not sure I can pass this up.

Anybody have any experience with the Samsung Reconditioned products?

Thanks in advance.

Wondering if you can update the 12.2 pro to lollipop. Anyone have luck with this yet?

I bought a reconditioned Samsung 10.1 Note and it arrived in “like-new” condition.

Samsung SM-T110 Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7" 8GB Tablet with Wi-Fi

Internal: 1GB RAM

There is a major reason, for me, to pass this one by.

I’ve been using the Note 12.2 Pro for note taking in class for a semester now and it’s pretty liberating. I have all my textbooks on PDF and so I basically just carry this and a small notebook for quizzes and homework I have to turn in and it’s great. From 25lbs to 4lbs to lug around every day.

Palm rejection is pretty good, though not as good a Surface Pro, I loved that but couldn’t justify the price. Runs fast and I get 3+ days of battery with about 4 hours daily use.

Comes with a lot of bloatware, but that’s to be expected with Samsung. Mine was a refurbished from Amazon so likely the same stock as this stuff. The cable it came with was crap and would not charge it, but it was cheap enough that I didn’t bother trying to get one out of them.

Well, pulled the trigger on the 12.2 Note Pro. Can’t wait till it gets here. Any opinions on best bluetooth keyboard? Seems a dead heat between Samsung and Logitech… the Zagg seems to be the weakest link.

Holy crap woot was fast! I ordered yesterday and my Tab Pro 8.4 arrived today!
So far I am loving it! It is like new (tiny scratch in the leather back) and it runs great! It beats my S4 in processing power and resolution which were 2 key factors for me getting a tablet. (why have a tablet if it isn’t more powerful than your phone?) and for $200 it is a great buy!

I think since these are all wi-fi only you can easily flash them with whatever you want but it will probably trip the KNOX WARRANTY VOID flag. These are factory reconditioned so it may not matter to you.