Schug Aged Carneros Syrah 3-Pack

Schug Aged Carneros Syrah 3-Pack
$59.99 $138.00 57% off List Price
2007 Schug Carneros Syrah, Ricci Vineyard
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Seems like a nice offer, I have really enjoyed their pinots in the past but don’t recall tasting their syrah (even while at the winery.) $20 is about what I pay for the Schug pinots on sale around town. And 8 years of age and very moderate alcohol on a varietal that lends itself to going big makes it more enticing. I could be talked into a bottle or two.

This is one hell of an offer. Schug = cooler climate wines that are nicely balanced. Carneros Syrah = yum.
Too bad storage room = negative (not even nil).
Definitely want some of this but can’t justify it.

Too bad I don’t know you. :tongue:

Last wooter to woot: MarkDaSpark

Since I know you (i.e., you aren’t in the pretty, pretty princess doghouse), I might be persuaded to eventually part with one. Or share at a SoCal Gathering (where cortot20 is MIA). :wink:

Once again, an offer that I am really interested in. So of course, it won’t ship to CT. There is a way to fix that. Just have the seller fill out the form.

Carneros may be better known for Pinot and Chardonnay, but some of the best Syrah I’ve ever tasted came from that region, and Schug Winery is one of the best at making wine from whatever grapes they can get their hands on. At this price, well worth taking a chance, even without having tasted it. :tongue:

Fill out the form, and hand over a large pile of $, you mean.

Or you could move to Colorado. Not only do I not recall ever having being left out of a wine offer, it is also Colorado. Win(e)-win.

Happy Ultimate PI Day!

Has the PI Rapture started taking geeks in each time zone? HaK? Cheron? Cesare? :wink:

Happy Birthday to kttest!!

Happy Birthday to kttest!!!


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To comment on the winery itself, it’s very picturesque sitting about a quarter way up on some if the bigger hills on the carneros region the tasting room sits in the front room of a working winery. So you get all the smells and scenery right there. People are wonderful too and we were given an impromptu tour as we were the first group of the day. Highly recommend visiting and their wines.

For the winery, what’s the drinking window on these?

I want to take this opportunity to give a hearty THANKS and salute to the wine.woot community. No particular reason - other than I am now drinking my penultimate bottle of Block 13, and as I drink it, I think of all of the wonderful knowledge and friendship this community has fostered under winedavid’s stewardship over a lifetime in internet years. Pretty cool that a bunch of geeks can congregate over the love of good wine and keep a community going over all these years.

And … the Block 13 is still drinking wonderfully - any chance that Jeff at G-B has any more stashed away?

Last call!

Love their Pinot will try this out.

Got the last one phew!

Ah, the wonderful Block 13. Lucky you! I think I recall from some long-ago discussion that it’s all gone. (But I would love to learn that I’m mistaken on this.) Getting to enjoy a wine like that, which I never would have otherwise, is indeed a reason to celebrate wine.woot.

Thanks for grabbing one for me.