Seagate 250GB SATA Hard Drive

BizRate… New one… $80 and up

MSN Shopping… New one… $80 and up… New one… $100 and up… $76 and up… no reviews… submit one if you want

… for new… i’d go with BizRate or MSN… reliable i suppose…

Some Pricing Links model 7200.8 $105.00 …new (model 7200.9 is $65 AR) $85.00 …new $79.20 …refurbished

bah, refurb & Seagate. pass

bummer…no SATA for me

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Seagate 250GB SATA Hard Drive
$54.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 Seagate 250GB SATA Hard Drive - ST3250823AS

oh good lord, I can’t get a brand new seagate drive without unfixable sectors, and general faults, man i couldn’t even picture how bad a refurb would be.

I have to agree

refurb and seagate (not a good combo). but better than a new Maxtor

ive been waiting for this. i already bought 2 IDE caviars… so im happy now.

reading comprehension much? it’s SATA.

The reason I buy Seagate drives is because they have a 5 year warranty on new drives. Refurbished (definitely not rox0rz!) with 180 day warranty? No thanks. Good night.

great woot, I like Seagate - just that I needed an ATA instead of a SATA to put in my wooted EIDE enclosure

ah, well, maybe next time

geees, $15 more, get you a new one in newegg. even faster and newer drive.

seagate owns maxtor now…
as for quality… not saying anything…
I’ve had WD & Seagate drives both die on me…

Seagate, I love Seagate, but refurbished? and if you look hard there are cheaper prices out there.
$10 more
discontinued model hmm

shucks. I need IDE for my mythtv or i would want 3!

okay i RRLY shouldn’t buy one but … sata 250 for 54$ srry but with my ide drive trying to game … buy!

decent deal for a hd of this size but the fact that its a refurb with only an 180 day warranty concerns me. ill pass.

damn…just bought 2 400gb drives last night…oh well, the 180 warranty kinda makes me nervous as well