Sewer Monster



Ummm if I didnt know any better I would say this was an oscar the grouch shirt.


Hilarious picture but I don’t think I would wear this.


this is a pretty cool design! good thinkin woot! i like this much better than the snake boquet from yesterday…


It’s a neat picture, but I don’t think it looks right on a T-shirt.


Meh, it’s not bad. Just not my kind of shirt.


it’s dorky


I looks like an Oreo (sorta). That’s funny!


COOL!!! I’m in. Thanks, Woot.


looks like a sesame street shirt with cookie monster and a cookie.

great for your 1 year old.


cool concept…

as long as they don’t print it HUGE like the TOPO design


Nice shirt, though unfortunately I already have too many blue shirts already. Eyes in the sewer hole would have been a great touch.



who would want a damn sewage hole in their chest


funny and interesting, but ill stick with panda polo


Don’t like it, wouldn’t buy it even if it were in 3X


Clever, but no. not for me.


I like the idea, kinda like Oscar the Grouch pulling a play (or needle) out of Jose Canseco’s playbook, but I think I am too old as this shirt would scare my kids.


I was thinking OREO when I first saw it also. This is much better than the last few days. I’m in for one.


I love it. And yet I won’t buy it. I don’t know, designs that have that position on the shirt just don’t appeal to me.


Anyone else remember ‘C.H.U.D.’? Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers?