Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum

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Anybody else not get theirs? Support said it’s taking longer than expected but no further info

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I got mine 2 days ago and it was broken also smelled like a used cat box. Waiting for customer service to reply.

Oh no :frowning: this one is supposed to be a christmas gift. maybe it’s a good thing i didn’t get it lol.

Ah yes, that fresh old ass vacuum smell.


I’m sure CS will help you out. They’re a bit behind.

Not all Woot vacs are cursed. I’ve bought several from here and they’ve all been great… except one. But that was more of a major award from one of the Woot games.


The smell still haunts me. The dutch oven you guys replaced it with is great though.

That doesn’t sound right, not at all, but I can’t help it that people mistake a cooking pot for being held under the blankets while someone… you know what… I’ll just see myself out.


While someone what?

I can say I have more woot vacuums than dutch ovens of either kind :joy:

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